Tupan token, presentation

Tupan token, presentation. Discover the usefulness and characteristics of this token as well as the ecosystem to which it belongs.

Tupan wants to become a major player in the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, which is important to reduce the impacts caused by the greenhouse effect.


Tupan, the token humanity needs

The Tupan currency was born to solve, and in an affirmative way, the necessary transition to a regenerative and circular economy. By combining the technology of crypto-currencies and blockchain networks with the most with the most significant demands of the century, Tupan offers you the opportunity to make a difference in the environment while enjoying an investment with high potential for appreciation.

5 thoughts to consider:

  1. Imagine if you could solve our environmental problems while making money.
  2. There is a new financial/environmental solution for your business with the Tupan Token.
  3. Using Blockchain technology, global investors will be connected globally to enable solutions that have a positive impact on environmental recovery, promoting the bioeconomy.
  4. In line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  5. What was a liability on your company’s income statement now becomes an asset on your investment.

The creation of the Tupan sustainable minting community generates environmental, social, economic, and patrimonial resources.

Mechanics for the price development of the TUPAN token

Profits made from trading CO2 certificates are used to buy tokens on the exchanges (from the market).

  1. The consumer buys the hub with the Tupan addon and joins the Tupan TCT Community
  2. Part of the profits from the sales of the hub are applied in projects of preservation and regeneration of areas mapped by the investment fund forestAu green
  3. The fund will accept tokens generated by the community in exchange of CO2 Certificates
  4. ForestAu invests in the purchase of land for carbon capture projects and issues carbon offset certificates that go back to the fund
  5. These carbon offset certificates are tokenized and sold to the B2B market
  6. ForestAu Green invests in companies and startups that work with projects of environmental compensation, carbon credits, environmental, financial technology, judicial and financial environmental recovery, regeneration, and commodities.

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