Myster Box, what is it?

Myster Box, what is it? Discover the new an original DEFI concept by Mystery Crypto.

Myster Box

Myster Box, if you have ever wanted to be part of a Crypto Project that is Team Secured, Community Driven, and Bullish on Marketing, look no further! You found us!

To start their big debut, $MYST kept their cashtag and roadmap a secret for the first week as they ran a three-day advertisement on the Rocket RD billboard at the SpaceX HQ. Directly out the gate, they showed us that they were willing to spend the money it took to get themselves seen, which is a far cry from how most projects operate these days.

With the launch pending on March 2nd, 2022, Myster Box Crypto was verifiably documented to have over 2k people in their voice chat for the countdown, breaking records before they’d even released the CA. Total, there were 14K members (+ Travlad!) in their Telegram and 2k in their voice chat; 3k of which quickly became holders as soon as the Mystery Team released the CA to the public.

After the wait for the paper-handed moonboi’s to kick rocks, Myster Box’s Telegram stalled out at 10K on the seventh day, and has been steadily regrowing since.

Mystery Token, the native token of Myster Box

To become part of the growing Myster Box community and enjoy all its benefits, you will need to hold the Mystery Token ($MYST).

By becoming a holder, you will have access to purchase exclusive mystery boxes, purchase our upcoming NFTs, contribute through our purchase/sales tax system to the development of this project, utilities, donations to selected charities, marketing, gifts/rewards and many other super cool mysteries.

Currently, $MYST is seated at an incredible 8,046 holders (in just thirteen days!), who are hodling strong, DCA’ing, and waiting for the highly anticipated Mystery Boxes to deploy!

$MYST is backed and operated by a pair of KYC verified influencers: Nelson Does Crypto and Mike Davis from YouTube, and is fully staffed with over a dozen people.

Mystery Boxes:

Released in rarity tiers that range from Broze to Silver to Gold, these Boxes can only be unlocked via Myster Box’s NFTs, and once you’ve minted and redeemed your NFT, you’ll be given the code to unlock your mystery box!

Packed into 90% of these gems are crypto-related rewards, highly coveted electronic devices and consoles, PLUS all-inclusive paid vacations; there is no shortage of ‘mUcH wOw’ when it comes to Myster Box’s long-term game plan of bringing Decentralized Finance back to it’s roots. These guys are primed for success, and it shows.

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