Moongame, find out how this gaming platform differs from others?

Moongame, find out how this gaming platform differs from others? Discover more than just a gaming platform.


Moongame is looking to be a place for entertainment, relaxation or a hangout. It’s also considered a profitable investment. Moongame combines excitement and investment opportunities with games and finance. We strive to not only deliver fun and exciting games, but at the same time, give the opportunity to our new investors with how and what will happen whilst investing their money in Moongame.

Moongame, the goal:

Moongame is built on the bsc ecosystem – a multi-use ecosystem with many users.

The goal is to create the largest i-m game foundation in the world, bringing attractive profits to all investors and making it a major player in the GameFi.

The desired strategy on MOONGAME is to create monetary incentives for the most committed and motivated players…

If Game is known as a place to find entertainment and relax experiences after stressful working and studying hours, Crypto is considered as a profitable investment.

From two areas with many differences, in a simple and creative way, MoonGame has combined them to create a new financial game system, a unique investment channel that makes your investment experience better. so interesting through the game. The game platform is built on the BSC ecosystem – a multi-use ecosystem with a huge number of users.

The goal is to create the largest I-MGaming platform in the world, offering attractive returns for all participants.

To achieve this, blockchain technology is present in all games of the system, making the gaming process transparent and fair.

The technology that Moongame possesses also maximizes the application of blockchain, helping to connect with off-chain betting systems, thus bringing great advantages such as: easy scaling with the number of games. large, small commissions, minimum participant capital and instant trading.

Moongame creates a comprehensive digital world where you will be able to choose from hundreds of great games. Providing users with an industry leading platform and unique features, such as:

– Placing bets, A user account portal, High Rate
– Dividends, Feature rich games, VIP Line Systems,
– Jackpots, Cashback to 30%,… and on-demand support.

The native token of the platform and the MGT, $MGT.

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