Mooney token, the token that will send you into space

Mooney token, the token that will send you into space. The mission is to decentralize access to space research and exploration.

Mooney token and MoonDao

Mooney is the native token of the MoonDao ecosystem.

MoonDAO is an international collective of people united by the mission to decentralize access to space research and exploration.

We are currently experiencing the inflection point of a privatized space race, and the implications of this moment will define our future.

Making life multi-planetary is one of the most inspiring and important missions of our lifetime.

The big question is: how? We believe that an international, decentralized, inclusive and transparent organization would be much better aligned with the needs of the common man.

Mooney token has one goal and one motto: Space should be in the hands of the people.

Mooney and MoonDao, the goal:

We must defend the values of inclusion, peace, transparency, freedom of organization and speech. Space should be in the hands of the people, not a nation or private entity.

As such, MoonDAO will support funding for individuals to go into space and will fund future space research and exploration as it relates to the mission of becoming a governing body for the moon and other celestial bodies.

It is very important to note that the core team has not pre-mined any tokens for itself. We have not given “special terms” to venture capitalists, influencers, angel investors, rich friends or family, or anyone else. We treat everyone equally.

Where will the funds be stored?

We will use the same strategy as ConstitutionDAO for the initial fundraising of MoonDAO. Funds will be stored in a Gnosis multisig with some of the major contributors, and then we will use the Juicebox protocol to raise funds.

The token represents governance of the DAO, but not fractional ownership of the DAO or its assets.

Am I receiving ownership in exchange for my contribution?

No. You are receiving a governance token, not fractionalized ownership. Governance includes the ability to advise on the mission, values, and operations of MoonDAO as well as the allocation of resources to projects that the DAO supports. MoonDAO is taking donations and donors are receiving governance tokens with no expectation of profit. These donations are not tax deductible at this point in time.

How will governance work?

To start, there will be proportional governance up to a limit decided by the community. This limit is necessary so that if one person buys more than 51% of the tokens, they cannot centrally control the decisions of the DAO.

Initially, a limit of 4% of the total token supply will be used, but everyone is welcome to buy more than 4% if they wish to contribute more.

The multi-sig will confirm transactions on behalf of the community, and will in theory have veto power to protect the community in the event of an attack on the governance of the DAO. As the DAO evolves, governance will mature, and this will likely allow for more sophisticated and decentralized governance structures – these decisions will be in the hands of the token holders.

You are invited to contribute to the mission of this platform by becoming active in the DAO. Participate in the construction of the first decentralized public space program in the world. Isn’t that exciting?

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