MetaDrace and DRACE token, what is it?

MetaDrace and DRACE token, what is it? It’s Virtual NFT DOG racing universe based on blockchain and powered by $DRACE.


MetaDrace is a blockchain-based NFT gift for speed sports and enthusiasts fans, dog lovers, and the E-sports community.

In this ecosystem you will own powerful virtual Greyhound dogs. You will nurture and train them in your own way to victory in the fiercest tournaments. Or you only need to predict which dogs will win the race and collect your reward. With the training room system, no other dog will have the same strength as the other on the universe of the game.

MetaDrace, how to play?

MetaDrace Rules

Player can own a maximum is 30 dogs – Dogs with a rarity from 1 to 5 stars (base stats random by star level) (random color)

Training: The first time is free. The price for the next time is 100 tokens, double tokens from the 3 times (60 minutes for a training) (For example, the first time is 100 tokens, from the 4th time it is 200 and the 7th time is 400).

Race fee: Players will not lose the GAS fee when racing but they will lose a 2% race fee deducted directly from bonus tokens.

In Metadrace, you will own the strongest Greyhound dogs. Feed and coach them in your own way to be champion in the fiercest tournament all over the world

Market transaction fee: 10%

DRACE token:

Token Claim fee: The first day claim fee is 50%. From the 2nd day, the claim fee is 40% and will gradually decrease to 0% on the 5th day. The percent of early claim tokens fees will be burned to combat inflation.

DRACE token withdrawal fee: Token withdrawal fee is 0%. Minimum withdrawal is 100 tokens and 3000 tokens maximum.

NFT system:

NFT Greyhound dogs are digital assets. They are tradable and generate income for their owners by participating in races.

The race dog breed in the game is Greyhound. We use NFT technology to create and differentiate every Greyhound dog in the game. Dogs are stored as NFT tokens and can be bought in NFT Shop in-game.

Every NFT Greyhound dog data is visible to the public when opening the NFT box. Users can inspect dog appearance, check dog race history and stat of dog. The NFT dogs will have a rarity system. The level of stars will affect on the race won rate and overall activity on the platform. Higher the rare, the higher the price value.

The Greyhound stats will increase when brought into the training room. Each dog will have a different increase rate depending on intelligence and luck.

Enter Betting

1. Single bet

This is the most straightforward bet on Greyhound racing. For this bet, you choose one Greyhound that you think he will get the first place. In MetaDrace, a racing contains about 8 Greyhounds numbered in the cages and on the body are corresponding. If the Greyhound that you betted gets first place, you win the bet and vice versa, if it doesn’t, you lose completely.

2. Double bet (forecast)

According to the instructions for betting on dog racing, with this bet mode you need to choose the first and second place dogs in order or regardless of the order. If the result is correct, the player wins and vice versa. In doubles bets you can also cover 2 dimensions. Specifically, if you choose 2 dogs for 1st and 2nd place, whichever one of them comes first, you also win the bet.
Simply, you bet twice in order. The winnings of a dog racing bet can vary depending on the winning price of each dog when it comes to first place.

3. Triple bet (tricast)

In this mode, you choose 3 dogs in order for first, second, and third. If you win, the amount you get is huge (In the table you bet on dog racing, there will be a specific winning amount for each race and each dog at first, second and third).

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