Mineable, the web 3 system to discover


Mineable, the web 3 system to discover. Discover the characteristics of the project, its objectives and the direct access to its website.

Mineable is a web3 ecosystem with advanced tokenomics at its core, Mineable enables its users to earn passive block rewards with no prior cryptocurrency mining experience, no hardware, no power usage and no limitations.

Users purchase & deploy Virtual GPUs and are rewarded with MNB each time a block is mined, rewards are calculated on a network share basis. MNB is Mineable’s native token and is used to upgrade & expand operations or sold for a potential profit. A giant step forward in the Web 3.0 era, Mineable is creating a space where crypto enthusiasts can continue to grow their portfolios while promoting sustainability.

Mineable’s vision is to make mining accessible to everyone with no barriers to entry & combat the atmospheric damage inflicted by hardware operations.

There are many benefits to using Mineable.

The platform is easy and intuitive, allowing all to get involved. Web3 and crypto may be foreign concepts to some, but users do not need costly mining rigs or a background in crypto to be involved. Virtual GPUs are continuously mining MNB passively. All users, even those with physical limitations, can be part of the Mineable community.

Mineable Coin, tokenomics:

MNB coin is used for all Mineable transactions.

Maximum total supply of MNB
1.4 billion


  • Mineable supply
    1.25 billion
  • Private sale
    50 million
  • Team
    50 million
  • Ecosystem treasury
    40 million
  • Advisors
    10 million

To ensure that the economy is properly and dynamically balanced and to regulate the supply and demand of tokens, logic has been implemented to periodically reduce the amount of MNB mined per block by half. Also implemented were token burning and token staking processes that occur when certain actions are performed on the platform. These actions include, but are not limited to, GPU upgrades, GPU repairs, and energy costs. Burning tokens will reduce the overall supply and ensure balance.

Tokens are burned for various transactions thus keeping a balanced economy.

Power costs
Determined by the GPUs efficiency attribute and charged on a ‘per block’ basis.

Repair costs
Three days’ worth of MNB earnings for a GPU is burned at an interval determined by GPU durability.

Durability upgrade
A 2 roll system where MNB is burned to upgrade GPU durability to substantially reduce repair costs.

Efficiency upgrade
A 2 roll system where MNB is burned to upgrade GPU efficiency to substantially reduce power costs.

Now discover all the information directly on the official website of this web3 ecosystem that allows its users to earn passive block rewards, without any previous experience in crypto-currency mining.

Direct access to the official website

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