DCOREUM, a decentralized business network based on Web3

DCOREUM, a decentralized business network based on Web3. Discover the objectives and characteristics of this ecosystem as well as its official website.

DCOREUM, the decentralized economy ecosystem, was founded to enrich the ecosystem of Web3, gather traditional businesses, bring new mechanisms and interaction methods to traditional businesses.

Empower and upgrade traditional business from the perspective of value creation at the application layer rather than the simple transformation of their products.

In the early stage of DCOREUM ecosystem , it has a huge traffic portal; widely covering a variety of media and social platforms; simultaneously connect various online and offline community resources; facilitate project consensus and community growth; promote the project to Web3 users, and support the rapid development of the industry.


DCOREUM, background:

DCOREUM was originally built as a series of extensions after the creation of the blockchain payment platform of X Infinity in 2018.This fintech company builds Web3 global payments solutions for crypto platforms, by providing digital wallet functions; fiat and crypto currency exchange functions; issuing tokens in SHA256 or ERC20, QR Code transfer; supporting merchant outlets and systems, market analysis, etc. Actively building a Web3 global payment complete solution with decentralization and blockchain expertise.

Later, in the development process, X Infinity found that providing global payment solutions for Web3 could only partially meet the comprehensive development of the Web3 ecosystem. After increasing of the traditional businesses cooperation with X Infinity, the traditional businesses are looking for Web3 opportunities through X Infinity, then X Infinity and other early ecosystem projects are starting to take a deeper strategic planning.

As a result, DCOREUM, a decentralized economy ecosystem, was born, dedicated to building the world’s first economy blockchain and becoming a bridge between traditional industries and Web3.

DCOREUM overview:

DCOREUM selects the most robust blockchain of the entire network as the service support. Currently, BNB chain is used as the primary carrier. In the future, multi-chain expansion will be conducted with other mainstream public chains such as Ethereum and Polygon, to enhance the carrying capacity of the network layer and expand the extensiveness of the underlying support, to realize the data and assets circulation without delay, borderless and decentralized. DCOREUM is preparing to build its own blockchain system to further extend the depth of the project and allow more projects that want to enter Web3 business to link to DCOREUM ecosystem seamlessly.

Through blockchain, DCOREUM can optimize and upgrade the business model of the existing real businesses related to industry, culture and finance; for specific projects, such as games, social media, media, MCN and even blockchain projects, and it can provide continuous empowerment in strategy, product, branding, operation, and investment and financing sectors. For example, in real economies, through infrastructure tools such as connecting Web3.0 wallets, it is possible to redefine the brand of products and expand the boundaries of the business landscape, and each individual user can regain the data-exclusive of identity information, which strengthens the trust between enterprises and users.

In the cultural and art industry, exclusive NFT can be created through DCOREUM to protect the copyright of artists, at the same time to expand the dissemination of artworks for better commercial value; NFT-based Metaverse is also a necessary carrier to promote the connection between virtual and real business.

Direct access to the official website

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