Maze, what is? Discover the services offered

Maze, what is? Discover the services offered. Maze offers a complete analysis service to help you make the best investment choice.

Maze, what is? Discover Maze token and research.


Maze token aims to support the decentralized Maze Research ecosystem.

It is a deflationary token that rewards its users with a token redistribution system as well as with a staking system.

Maze research is a collaborative referencing platform gathering information and financial analysis on cryptocurrencies.

The goal of the system is to be a reference as the most complete and reliable source of information to facilitate investments in the world of cryptocurrency.

Maze token, three ways to earn money:

4% of each transaction is automatically redistributed to $MZR holders. The more valuable the portfolio, the greater the payout.

The active community is rewarded through contests, organized on our social media, the more holders, the more community will be rewarded with airdrops.

By staking, holders get rewards, unlock features on the Maze Research site, and have the opportunity to become certified validators: the Mazers.

With the multitude of tokens launched every day, the platform offers a complete analysis service, allowing our community to make the best investment choices and thus increase their profits

Maze, 4 points to remember:

  1. Platform of referencing and participative analysis. The proposed ecosystem allows us to offer complete financial servicesand general data analysis of all crypto-currencies, from technical and fundamental analysis to price history.
  2. An artificial intelligence, its own experts and the community feed the database of the platform. Working together creates greater engagement, diversity of views and maintains a high level of performance. Embedded AI has no cognitive biases, it relies solely on clear information, trends and market signals.
  3. Includes a scoring system. The platform’s experts deliver a 1st analysis of the tokens. A second score is also given by the Mazers, allowing to have a complete analysis of each project, and scams are detected and reported, in order to secure the use of the Blockchain.
  4. The reward program. The objective is to develop a reward system by allocating a significant portion of the portfolio to the community, allowing Mazers to take part in the evaluation process of theToken

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