Magic Shoes, vision and goals

magic shoes

Magic Shoes, vision and goals. Here’s the vision and objectives of this new ecosystem, and direct access to its website.

Magic Shoes is a WEB3 lifestyle app that rewards users for moving. Users with MagicShoes NFTs can benefit from walking, running and cycling outdoors. You can exercise with four types of shoe NFTs in the app.

If you follow NFT news, you’ll certainly appreciate this project, which makes good use of NFT.

Magic Shoes, vision and goals:

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows all participants on the network to collectively verify, record, and store transaction information. It offers advantages such as security, transparency, peer-to-peer transactions, and instantaneous processing.

Magic Shoes is built on this social and technological background with the aim of reducing global environmental pollution by encouraging people to incorporate essential activities such as walking, running, or cycling into their daily lives. It brings the concept of earning money while freely participating and moving. Moreover, Magic Shoes is a unique NFT project on the Polygon network, allowing people from around the world to come together as one.

Users can purchase Magic Shoes NFTs and earn money by walking, running, hiking, or cycling based on GPS data. These earnings can be generated within the Magic Shoes application and even converted into real-world cash.

The goal of Magic Shoes is to connect people worldwide in their pursuit of happiness through reducing environmental pollution and adopting healthier lifestyles.

It also aims to fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions while connecting people globally through Web 3.0.

Additionally, Magic Shoes incorporates the concepts of DeFi and community elements, creating a platform that allows the user-generated community to thrive on the Web 3.0 basis, ensuring its perpetual existence.

Important precision

Magic Club firmly believes that the heart of any project lies in the usefulness of the tokens. Whether tokens are fungible or non-fungible, they must offer tangible benefits directly linked to the real economy. This principle is the fundamental proposition of the Magic Club team. Consequently, the top priority on the Magic Club marketplace is to attract projects with clear utility and revenue models, such as Play to Earn (P2E) and Move to Earn (M2E).

In addition, the M2E Magic Shoes project has been meticulously designed to establish an ecosystem focused on improving user utility.

Magic Shoes Token

Governance token and reward score mining and usage issued by MAGIC CLUB.
MAGIC CLUB Token: Governance Token (MCT)
MAGIC CLUB Point: Reward Point (MCP)

The tokens mined in Magic Shoes are MCPs. Magic Shoes token mining starts by obtaining MCPs through exercising with Magic Shoes. Then, the accumulated MCPs are settled on a weekly basis, and the corresponding amount of MCT is distributed in a differentiated manner (N/1) based on the acquired MCPs.

The settlement patch operates every Sunday at 24:00 UTC, and a new cycle begins thereafter.

It is important to note that MCPs are not tokens, and the distribution of MCT is not a 1:1 token exchange based on individual MCPs but rather emphasizes the differentiation (N/1) of MCT distribution based on the ranking of the total MCPs acquired by all users.

Magic Club Token (MCT) serves as the universal token within the Magic Club ecosystem.

  • The contributions of users within the Magic Club ecosystem are measured and converted into Magic Club Points (MCP), which can be later exchanged for MCT as rewards.
  • Once the DAO is established, users can utilize MCT to propose suggestions and have voting rights proportionate to their MCT holdings.
  • Users have the ability to make payments using MCT within the Magic Club NFT Marketplace.
  • MCT can be connected to projects with partner companies.
  • The goal is to achieve a sustainable ecosystem with scalability.

This project is an M2E fitness reward platform that can be played while walking, running, or riding a bicycle. Download the app and equip MagicShoes NFT sneakers to earn tokens. Each sneaker has a unique design and rarity, and can be upgraded to make it even more powerful.

Direct access to the official website

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