MULTI AI, AI models on one platform

Multi AI

MULTI AI, AI models on one platform. Discover the features of this ecosystem and direct access to its official website.

MULTI AI is a platform for open-source products built using artificial intelligence technology. The project aims to bring people all over the world together with AI services to create a strong bond using the Web 3.0 platform.

With the growing popularity of AI-based services, many developers are able to create something worthwhile, but the efforts of a single developer may not be enough to popularize their truly useful product. Find out why this new ecosystem is meeting specific needs.

MULTI AI, introduction:

By leveraging blockchain technology, Multi AI seeks to offer more opportunities, simplify processes and ease the transition to the new Web 3.0-based system. The services offered provide a unique opportunity to use all the most in-demand neural networks in one place at a fair price and, with the help of blockchain, we can guarantee total transparency of service.

Overview of blockchain:

If you follow blockchain news, then you know that in recent years this technology has attracted a lot of interest due to its potential to revolutionize various business sectors.

One of the main advantages of blockchain is its ability to store and transfer information and assets securely, without intermediaries.

This not only speeds up the process and makes it more efficient, but also reduces the risk of fraud and enhances the system’s security.

For the Multi AI project, it was decided to develop the project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for several reasons. Firstly, BSC is a fast and inexpensive blockchain, making it ideal for MultiAI transactions. Secondly, BSC is a well-established and secure platform that is widely used in the crypto-currency industry. Finally, BSC has a large and active developer community, making it easy to access the resources and support needed to build and maintain the platform.

MAI token:

The MAI token is intended for settlements between AI tool developers and users of the Multi AI platform. After the official platform release, the cost will be calculated based on the time spent processing the user’s request and will be charged in MAI tokens.

Developers will receive payment for each run their models in MAI tokens. An Oracle will be connected for accurate calculation of the price in dollars and for charging users in MAI tokens.

Total token supply: 1000,000,000.

It is planned to introduce monetization in the near future. For this reason, it has been decided that buyers should pay no commission, to avoid further price increases for the model generation. As for sellers, a 3% tax paid on sales will be used for project development and marketing.

Allocation & Vesting:

Multi AI’s tokenomics model is designed to be equitable, sustainable and beneficial to all token holders. The allocation of tokens as outlined in the table above aims to provide a balance between the initial distribution and long-term sustainability of the ecosystem.

All tokens are locked until they are needed, and most of them have vesting to increase investor trust. Team tokens will be used to help drive the growth and development of the Multi AI ecosystem, ensuring that it remains strong and sustainable for years to come.

The MAI tokenomics model is designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing for changes and improvements to be made as the ecosystem evolves. The system is designed to provide a balance between the needs of token holders and the growth and development of the Multi AI ecosystem, creating a mutually beneficial relationship for all participants.

In conclusion:

MULTIAI is a platform for open-source products built using artificial intelligence technology. Our service offers a unique opportunity to use all the most popular neural networks in one place, at a fair price.

Any developer will be able to monetize their AI model, which will be deployed in our server and run on the Nvidia T4 GPU.

Direct access to the official website

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