Fight Out, redefining Gaming For Web3

Fight Out

Fight Out, redefining Gaming For Web3. Discover the goals and characteristics of this ecosystem as well as direct access to its official website.

Fight Out is fast becoming one of the biggest-hyped Play-to-Earns, pushing the boundaries of Play-to-Earn by combining fitness and gaming with seamless onboarding of Web2 audiences to Web3.

Fun and addictive game modes include solo and team PvP, leagues, tournaments, and the all-important battle royale mode allowing users to utilise their physicality to win big.

If you follow GameFi news, then you will quickly understand why this ecosystem is unique. Check out the basic information below.

Fight Out, find out how this platform is revolutionizing the very notion of gaming:


The primary goal of this ecosystem is that gamers should be rewarded for their hard work, achievements and contributions to the gaming community.

The goal is that Web3 games should not only be accessible to Web3 natives.

Gaming should be a fun and rewarding experience that adds value to your life.

It is clear that games can create deeper and more meaningful social and competitive experiences for players if they can use information and communication technologies and if players can use more of their real personality.


That everyone should live a healthy, active lifestyle and that society would be a better place for it.

The people who want to make this change should have access to the guidance, inspiration, and rewards to succeed.

The goal is for people who train to have more ways to use their hard work to have fun and be rewarded.

So the goal is to combine success in real life with success in the game “Play-to-Earn” to create a new future.

The different tools and mechanisms used in this ecosystem:

Rewarding people for positive actions and gamifying the process are two proven ways to help motivate people to begin and adhere to new habits. Fight Out uses both to produce lifestyle changes for our users. Fight Out rewards users with REPS for training, achievements, and supporting the Fight Out community.

REPS is an in-app, off-chain currency that provides an accessible way for users new to Web3 to enter the space.

REPS can be redeemed for a variety of in-app and real-world rewards. Users can purchase cosmetic NFTs to style their avatar or upgrade with additional abilities and perks.

The data shows that people are willing to put significant money into digital assets in platforms that they enjoy and give them real value (CS:GO, Fortnite, DOTA, League of Legends etc). Fight Out will fill our in-app store with high-quality digital assets and exclusive real-world items and experiences. The goal is to provide more reward options than can be earned through use of the platform.

To be able to game all these rewards users are able to purchase additional REPS. REPS can be purchased with fiat, but when purchased with $FGHT are granted 25% more REPS as a bonus. Users are already conditioned to spend REPS to purchase items within the platform and their card details are already saved within the app as part of their subscription making the transition to purchasing $FGHT with fiat and
exchanging for REPS a natural and technologically seamless experience.

Direct access to the official website

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