DYOR Project, what is it?

DYOR Project, what is it? DYOR Project strives to educate investors by providing the tools necessary to not only survive but thrive in the world of cryptocurrency.

DYOR Project

DYOR Project community is driven by people that were victimized by scams and fraud, and this is what drives us to fulfill our mission. This project provides its owners with the means to protect their investments and themselves with fundamental and essential knowledge and accurate information.. This ecosystem empowers investors to be proactive, not reactive.. The goal is to change the crypto world one investor at a time through community .

DYOR Project, its mission:

The mission is to ensure education, empowerment, and that investors have access to the tools and knowledge to invest safely in financial products based on crypto and that the cryptosphere becomes a better place for all.

“ Sharing knowledge is not about giving people something or getting something from them. That is only valid for information sharing. Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action; it is about creating learning processes – Peter Senge .”

Team DYOR wants to bring crypto education to everyone. We have different levels of education available in differing mediums, ranging from videos to online courses. Some of our education is free to the public at large. The videos on the DYOR Media Network are excellent sources of reliable information that cover emerging topics in crypto. The articles of the blog cover various topics and are published by our senior content writer, who has multiple decades of experience in the investing industry. The social media sites include short educational videos and tutorials that are continually updated and refreshed.

In development is the utility that will provide extensive tracking and charting capabilities for cryptocurrency investing. Basic levels of use will be available to everyone at no cost. More advanced features will be available to holders and subscribers.

DYOR team:

Team DYOR is made up of experienced crypto investors and beginners alike. We are continuously doing our own research on projects throughout the crypto world. Included on our new website will be “ Wall of Fame ” and “ Wall of Shame sections. Featured there will be crypto projects that either pass or fail our vetting process. Use our tools and the knowledge gained through our educational resources to do your own additional research. We invite community members to also submit cryptos for review.

The goal is to make the crypto community a safer place for EVERYONE, whether the investor is one of the largest Bitcoin whales or the smallest Safemoon wallet.

In addition, the team will provide scholarships to victims of honeypots and rug pulls so that they can have unlimited access to educational materials for a period of time.

This is the way to give back to the community and ensure that the investor is equipped with the education needed to be self-sufficient in the cryptosphere.

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