LogiTron, discover Metaverse blockchain ecosystem

LogiTron, discover Metaverse blockchain ecosystem. A Logitron is an atomic-level element that builds the entire Metaverse blockchain ecosystem.


Logitron eco system builds upon the copy of real world. Each type of entities can be copied over to Logitron blockchain simulating interaction between humans, human to machine, machine to machine.

In the metaverse news, we are interested this time in a project that could be of great service to you if you are about to create your own concept.

Logitron blockchain mimics how businesses run in the world. For example, it can simulate how a truck driver delivers goods from a consignor to destination. In doing so, assets on the blockchain can be analyzed, tokenized, traded, and make profit of its own by giving values to the eco system. Each digital asset on blockchain is represented by Logitron NFT Unit (LNU). Then the Unit needs Logitron for its power source. In other words, executing the contract bound to LNU requires Logitron. In the same sense, LNU can be traded denominated by Logitron.

This allows people to run their own business on the Logitron platform with digital ease at no additional cost. Even third party platforms can be built on this platform by a third party service provider using a digital asset on this ecosystem. Once the digital asset on the platform can be identified by its signature with a substantial reputation score, then LNU creation initializes for the asset, so that the asset can be traded on the platform marketplace.

The assets can be divided into smaller shares and traded by owners of the assets with help of ubiquitous Logitron. The LNU works automatically as its own profit center and the owners of its shares will receive appropriate dividends by its contract which will enable you to digitize business structures you have offline.

Logitron blockchain platform

All types of business in real world can be copied over to Logitron platform. IoT sensors communication over the blockchain network brings in huge benefits not only solving current challenges but also fostering adoption rate of automated contracts carried out by agents between machines.

One good example is B2B logistics problem. There is extravagant diseconomy in B2B logistics industry. Not to mention a ton of document works are involved during the process, it also suffers lack of routing and matching among consignors and shipowners.

This platform not only copies every entity of commercial players, but also helps them to develop their online business seamlessly and without hassle. People can buy virtual real estate, including roads and routes on Logitron. They can help others by providing information about optimized routes that avoid congested flows. The project also provides a first-party platform for C2S matching software running on the blockchain. The project plans to release several third-party platforms.

What is this ecosystem all about?

This project helps you build your own meta world on the blockchain ecosystem. All the hassles you need to tackle in order to create Metaverse games, businesses are just a few clicks away with the help of this platform.

And finally, here are the most important things to remember:

LogiTron will provide the basic platform for metaverse enthusiasts who want to build their own world. Portfolios, World SDK, Asset Builder, Rule of Nature and all kinds of templates you need as a creator will be at your service.

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