DragonSea and its DGE token, what is it?

DragonSea and its DGE token, what is it? Play to earn gaming in the Metaverse. Discover the game and the direct access to the platform.


DragonSea is inspired by role-playing games and the Metaverse virtual world with Blockchain technology.

The ecosystem is built as a Mystic Dragon world, where there are all the elements for players to freely immerse themselves in a real virtual universe.

Players will take on the role of real dragon riders. Players will not only be able to build their own dragon kingdom but also lands with different constructions and items obtained in the game, and most importantly players will own real dragon warriors.

In addition, this is also the place where players will train dragon warriors from the beginning until they become dragon warriors with unbeatable strength.

Dive into a real virtual world of the Metaverse by joining this game to enjoy exciting experiences and receive attractive gifts.

DragonSea, the story:

In the land of Alagaesia – The Kingdom of Dragons is being threatened and ruled by the evil tyrant Galbat, who is originally a dragon rider and he has betrayed the dragons.

In the game, we will become the Dragon Riders Eragon. Eragon and the Dragons will fight together to protect The Kingdom of Dragons from Galbat’s attack.

During the invasion of Alagaesia – The Kingdom of Dragons, Galbat will send his army of Apet (beasts) to conquer lands in Alagaesia.

Eragon will join the Dragon warriors to overcome many different challenges in the process of restoring The Kingdom of Dragons such as: Going through training sessions, participating in battles and building a powerful army…


When participating in the game modes, players will receive:

  • Tokens from the system
  • Experience points (EXP)
  • In-game items and equipment
  • Conditions for participation in the next game modes

4 activities characterize this ecosystem:



DGE Token

The DGE token is the financial token of the DragonSea platform.

Name: DragonSea
Symbol: DGE
Decimals: 18
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: 1.000,000,000

DGG Token

Tokens of the game’s ecosystem

Name: DragonSea Gem
Symbol: DGG
Decimals: 18
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: 3.000,000,000

DragonSea, NFT:

All characters and items in the game are digitized in the form of NFTs on Blockchain platform; therefore, you have full ownership of your assets when joining game. You can buy, sell and trade NFTs whenever you want.

Direct access to the platform

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