Gallant token, what is it for?

Gallant token, what is it for? Gallant Token is a decentralized financial smart contract. Find out what exactly it does.

Gallant token

Gallant Token is one of a few things; a decentralized finance smart contract built on the Binance Smart Chain; a community of people from across the world; and a brand.

The main objective is to integrate blockchain technology into games on different platforms.

As a global concept, this token is more than just a token on the blockchain. With a long-term plan for growth and expansion, Gallant offers not only an investment opportunity for holders, but also a real and tangible utility in the form of Gallant Studios, the game development arm, and Gallant Gaming, to expand the Gallant ecosystem in the online gaming market.

Gallant, an ecosystem focused on the future and building it step by step:

Unlike many crypto projects, Gallant Token is a real business with long term goals.

Many projects are quick to produce a single simple web based game and call this “utility”.

As part of the development of the concept, it is planned to produce regular game titles, from simple to mobile NFT based games through to our long term plan of releasing a true MMORPG title.


Why should you buy and hold LAGs?

Collect and keep LAGs so you can participate in beta testing and purchase games when they become available. The ability to use native tokens in games is one of the main uses of the platform native token.

That’s why this platform is part of the GameFi that will become increasingly popular in the future.

What are the development plans for the games?

Currently, the team has two contracts in place that will allow for the development of 2 games to be released before the end of 2021 and a 3rd before EOY.

These will be both encrypted and non-encrypted games. The games will also be mixed to allow for app store integration as well as WebGL for desktop users. As the most important games are developed, consoles will be included.

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