Cfoforum Token, what is its use, to which project is it linked?

Cfoforum Token, what is its use, to which project is it linked? CFO is Potato Media’s native token, find out more about the project that is already active and its purpose.

Cfoforum Token, Potato Media

Cfoforum Token (CFO) is the native token of the Potato Media platform.

Potato Media is an open forum platform for comprehensive content. Anyone can contribute content here to earn rewards for their creations.

No matter if you are content creators or active users, you can easily turn your content and engagement into measurable value to earn relative rewards by leveraging the machenismo associated with your contribution.

Cfoforum Token and Potato Media, its history and purpose:

In 2019, the team was formed and began to develop the vision for the project. During this process, many people were looking forward to the birth of the forum. So we decided to create a DAO forum for users to express their creativity. In April 2021, we finally launched our first version of the forum platform, namely Potato Media.

Potato Media (beta version) is a new online forum created in Asia. With a token-based business model rewarding creators who contribute to the content platform, Potato Media uses blockchain technology to solve the content industry’s pain point, redistributing content value. Here, we are committed to creating a future content forum model, reforming the old content industry and returning power to creators.

The Value of Creativity

There are various creative works in Potato Media. Whether a content is valuable is no longer determined by any single individual but the community. By blockchain technology, and reward token, CFO, the right of value definition goes back to the community.

Incentive Engagement

Potato Media use the incentive mechanism to increase the users’ engagement and the system of earning points to encourage users to comment, share, create and invite.

The Future Model of Forum

By the blockchain technology, Potato Media combines the community and the reward mechanism to motivate creators to keep generating high quality content.When what relate to works goes back to the community itself, then, we will build a content media platform driven by users.

How to get reward tokens?

Your post is liked

Your post is commented by others

Your personal sharing link is clicked

Your invited friend successfully register PotatoMedia

Cfoforum Token

Either of the above ways can earn points to be redeemed for CFO propotionally each day.

CFO Token is the reward token to motivate engagement of users and creators. Potato Media will give members certain amount of CFO tokens each day. For instance, if the number of your points is account for 10% of the total number of all users’ points today, you can get 10% of CFO issued the same day, and so on!

The objective is to:

Demonstrate the value of creativity

Encourage users to publish high quality content.

Creators can be officially verified. In addition, verified creators can earn an extra bonus, separate from other reward rules, each day.

Direct access to the site

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