Infinity token, why it might appeal to you?

Infinity token, why it might appeal to you? Here’s a proportional redistributive token powered by crypto-currency mining. Information and direct access to the token.

Infinity token

Infinity token is one of the first to implement ETH thinking for all its holders, we also have other major use cases.
Here’s a proportional redistributive token powered by crypto-currency mining.

Infinity token is an exclusively redistributive token created to utilize crypto-currency mining while allowing its holders to be rewarded in Ethereum (ETH) would allow its holders to benefit from crypto-currency mining without the fees.

We propose a solution to the problem of high costs of operating and purchasing a crypto-currency mining platform by using proportional redemption and redistribution.

Transaction fees from the purchase and sale of $IT tokens are used to create crypto-currency mining farms. Profits from mining are then used to buy back and burn $IT tokens. As our investors trust us and believe in our integrity, we will be launching an online portal for everyone to track the progress, hashrate and profitability of our mining farms.

Infinity token

Infinity token, why this name and what is the objective?

Infinity Token takes its name from its founders’ admiration for technology and space exploration. We have dedicated a portfolio to collect ETH that will be used to establish our partnerships with companies and projects that share our goals of making space travel a reality.

Infinity Token is a deflationary token built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) designed to facilitate the expensive process of mining crypto-currencies.

The development of a Bitcoin and Ethereum mining farm will have a positive effect on Infinity Token investors through scheduled redemptions and cash injections.

$IT will offer its investors the benefits of being part of one of the first ERC-20 tokens to reward Ethereum holders with a proportional redistribution.

Transaction fees are redistributed proportionally to all token holders. For example, if you own 1% of the offering, you will receive 1% of the redistribution.

This process rewards holders who do virtually nothing and will allow $IT to grow at a rapid pace.

The money from the mining will then be used to redeem $IT tokens, increase the cash pool, implement marketing strategies, and continue the development of the Infinity Token blockchain.

In addition to constantly rewarding token holders, we also have a shared mission with Elon Musk’s SpaceX; the $IT team has a special admiration for space and intends to support space exploration. That’s why we’re always expanding our reach and partnering with companies that share the same goals.

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