Boxer Inu is a deflationary, auto liquidity generating token on the BSC.

Boxer Inu is a deflationary, auto liquidity generating token on the BSC. Discover our ecosystem and how to benefit from it.

Boxer Inu is a token on the Binance Smart Chain that offers features like auto burns, auto-liquidity generating mechanism, and static rewards on every transaction. On the platform, you will find the most important and sought-after services that are often mentioned in the news of decentralized finance.

Boxer Inu

The main reason for creating Boxer Inu was that most deflationary and RFI tokens these days don’t have any use cases or utility. Boxer Inu brings to its community a bunch of products on which development has already started and some of which will be released in the next quarter. These products will all exponentially raise the value and price of Boxer Inu, a project that will uphold the Inu tag.

The products include an NFT Marketplace, a Decentralized Exchange with features such as Yield Farming, Staking and Lottery, and a crypto games platform that will propose a gamified version of growing. After this comes a fully customized mobile app that will allow user to trade $BOXER effortlessly right in the app.

Boxer Inu has a perfect tokenomics and token distribution model that aims to take Boxer to the moon like its predecessors with the same Inu name.

Boxer Inu, use cases:

Unlike other meme coins, Boxer Inu has actual use cases that are almost completely developed.

The products include a Decentralized Exchange with high rewards for liquidity providers, Boxer Lottery, an NFT Marketplace, a Crypto games platform, and later a fully functional mobile app through which $BOXER can be bought and sold easily within the app.

The next step would be the development of a decentralized launchpad that will compete withe DxSale and BSCPad.

NFT marketplace:

This marketplace will be for all kinds of digital assets and crypto collectibles. Users can buy, sell, auction, bid, and discover digital art and assets. Apart from this, Boxer Inu will employ a bunch of artists and upload its own content for sale to the public. We will create and sell NFTs and the money generated from these activities will be donated to charities.

Content creators will be allowed to create their own NFT on the Binance Smart Chain using Boxer’s NFT mining feature. There is no need for content creators to have any programming knowledge to make collections and NFTs. Users who are selling content or NFTs can sell an item for a fixed price, create a declining price listing, or make an auction listing.

All kinds of content will be appreciated whether they are images, photos, digital art, music files, 3d models, books, or videos.

The Boxer Coin NFT marketplace will be powered by the Boxer token meaning that all transactions will be made through this token. Each artist will be provided with BOXER tokens.

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