Zenon, discover an expanding ecosystem


Zenon, discover an expanding ecosystem. Here are its objectives, the benefits it offers and direct access to its website.

Zenon, a DeFi project responding to a specific problem, but to better understand the subject, let’s put it in context.

If you’re interested in DeFi news, then you’re sure to enjoy discovering this fast and secure feeless. It’s fast and secure, and follows a path of progressive decentralization shaped by the values and ethics of $BTC.

Zenon, what’s the background to this project?

Today, we are at the dawn of a new, open and decentralized Internet.

A massive distrust of centralized services is beginning to take shape, and the world needs powerful new solutions to overcome the existing limitations inherent in centralized systems.

Today, current decentralized solutions are hampered by blockchain’s fundamental limitations: scalability and active participation.

Here is the self-evolving network globally deployed to shape digital economies of scale, powered by a worldwide community of innovators.

The aim is to set up a decentralized, hyper-evolving global network based on a new dual-register architecture, inspired by the ethics and principles of Bitcoin.


This first article is a brief introduction to zApps and explains why the Network of Momentum will be the environment par excellence where decentralized applications will be developed, coexist and thrive without compromising on essential necessities.

The idea behind zApps is to enable every developer to build and deploy powerful dApps on a network based on a decentralized, scalable and secure protocol – the Network of Momentum.

The solutions currently available for creating and maintaining decentralized applications are inefficient in terms of :

  • computing resources (slow, inefficient storage and processing)
  • time (steep learning curve for new programming languages like Solidity)
  • exposure (user adoption is a known hurdle for dApp developers who want to earn a living).

The main objective of zApps is to create an open ecosystem that will enable every developer to build from scratch or convert any existing application, whether web, mobile or desktop, to the decentralized infrastructure of the Momentum network and unlock a new dimension of possibilities: more flexibility, scalability and performance, new ways of monetizing, cost minimization and new channels for user acquisition.

General examples of technologies that can benefit from the NoM protocol:

  • Digital assets
  • Decentralized storage solutions
  • Artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems
  • Digital identity services
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Distributed computing platforms

In a nutshell:

Independent and passionate, Zenon aims to redefine the status quo of dApp platforms by letting them develop into their own ecosystem, built by a passionate community of developers, and establishing the Momentum Network as the base level of a new decentralized Internet.

Discover the full power of this ecosystem and the many services it has to offer.

Direct access to the official website

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