What is special about Hive Investments?

What is special about Hive Investments? Discover its features, functions, benefits and its official website.


Hive Investments is a next-generation NFT and DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) protocol on Polygon with a focus on sustainability, transparency, and reliability.

Formed by a coalition of expert investors, serial entrepreneurs, and established members of the cryptocurrency space, we will leverage our unique blend of proven strategies and radical innovation in the field of DaaS. The goal is to achieve market-leading investment returns on the treasury investments while expanding the Hive ecosystem.

There are many ways to make money in DeFi, such as decentralized crypto trading or, as is the case with this project, DaaS.

What is DaaS?

DeFi-as-a-Service, or DaaS, refers to the growing market segment of protocols in the DeFi space offering to manage a treasury of funds on behalf of investors; returns are distributed to holders in the form of daily rewards, typically made up of their native token.

Many investment firms in the Traditional Finance (TradFi) sector operate on the 2 and 20 model, meaning they take 2% of assets under management and 20% of profits made. By reducing frictional and regulatory expenses as well as providing exposure to the growth of DeFi, DaaS protocols not only offer investors far lower fee structures but also much higher rates of return, along with diversification and ease of use.

However, DaaS is still a nascent field and entails significant risks to unwary investors due to the “Wild West” nature of the cryptocurrency space. The major issues include sustainability, transparency, reliability, and trust. It is Hive Investment’s goal to become the gold standard in this space and allow investors to feel secure and confident with their investments.

How Hive works?

Simply mint or purchase a NFT to enjoy some sweet rewards.

Due to our sustainable operating model, we are confident to promise you a daily supply of honey for as long as DeFi lasts.

On the other hand, our unique NFT model allows you to maintain your initial capital which you can choose to sell at any time on our proprietary marketplace.

Lastly, we have implemented KYC, contract audits, and a robust multisign for both your security and confidence.

Hive strategies:

The strategies developed aim to create long-term sustainability and to bring utility to the native token of this ecosystem. The objective is to solve the main problems of the current DaaS market.

  • Sustainable model – Sustainability is a frequent problem most DaaS projects
    face. We have solved this with our tokenomics and operating model, which has
    undergone extensive quantitative analysis and testing to ensure sustainability.
  • No locked investment capital – When investing in a DaaS project, initial funds
    are typically locked forever. With Hive and the utilization of NFTs, investors will
    have access to all their initial invested capital from day one. Hive’s NFTs pay out
    daily rewards in the form of $HNY tokens. The NFT can be sold at any time on
    Hexagon, our native NFT marketplace, for the full value.

Hive Foundation

Hive began as an amalgamation of two ideas:

    • To allow the average investor the ability to reap the benefits of DeFi.
    • Introduce a beacon of light in the space that stood for sustainability, transparency, and reliability.

From our initial discussions, it was clear to us that there are several issues with the way business is commonly done in the DeFi space, and that we could lead the charge in fixing them. With our focus on radical transparency and earning community trust, it made sense for us to join the Union of Transparency (a self-regulating board with the same values as our own) as a foundational member. We decided that the goal of Hive Investments was not to create a project that would pump and fade away, but instead, one that can continue producing reliable and consistent gains over time.

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