Visa, NFT and artists, what is the relationship between them?

Visa, NFT and artists, what is the relationship between them? Learn more about Visa’s ambitious project.

Visa NFT and artists

Visa, NFT and the world of artists, a small revolution is coming very quickly.

When you are interested in NFT news, it is impossible to miss this news.

Visa wants to educate creators about NFTs

Visa believes that NFTs are among the most promising ways to support creators.

That’s why Visa chose to build this program for designers in partnership with Micah Johnson. Johnson came to prominence as a professional baseball player, then turned to art in recent years. He offered his first NFT for sale in 2020.

According to Johnson, his works based on the Aku character have found an audience in part because of this new way to distribute art.

Here’s what he said:

“With the guidance of crypto-community alumni, I was able to build a business around my crypto-native persona, Aku, that can grow into a global media company.”

Visa and Micah Johnson will select a group of creators to be coached on how to monetize their work in this new way. Interested parties are invited to send in their applications to be considered for the program.

Visa, NFT and artists, a common interest:

Visa has already shown its keen interest in NFTs when the company bought a Cryptopunk for $150,000.

By creating a good synergy between these three stakeholders, each will be able to benefit from the success of the other by having concretely contributed to it.

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Visa wants to educate everyone to a better knowledge and therefore a better understanding of NFTs. You are invited to read for example this document that the company has written and that gives a good overview on the subject.

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