Surfboard, unleash the power of AI-driven insights

Surfboard, unleash the power of AI-driven insights. Discover the goals and characteristics of this new AI ecosystem. is a revolutionary web platform managed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)., why choose this platform, what problems does it solve?

This ecosystem uses decentralized technology to analyze users’ portfolios, calculate their net worth and provide personalized advice to optimize their investment portfolios.

Here is a revolutionary web platform managed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that leverages decentralized technology to scan users’ wallets, calculate their net worth, and provide tailored advice to optimize their investment portfolios.

A direct path to your heart often lies through your wallet.

The benefits and solutions offered by this ecosystem can be summed up as follows: it’s a true all-in-one dashboard for monitoring every asset with ease.

You’ll quickly realize how easy it is to monitor all your digital assets in one place, thanks to Surfboard’s intuitive dashboard.

You’ll be able to take control of your crypto-currency portfolio with unrivalled simplicity and clarity.

Vision and Features: envisions a future where anyone can effortlessly optimize their digital asset portfolios while retaining full control over their assets.

To achieve this, this ecosystem offers a suite of features designed to simplify portfolio management and maximize returns.

Each chain has its distinct wallet tools, yet there lacks an agile solution that consolidates all of them into a single, user-friendly dashboard. Centralized portfolio management platforms often lack transparency, requiring users to compromise the privacy of their assets. This not only creates security risks but also limits the potential for customized strategies. Indeed, an analytics company that manages wallets could paradoxically become a competitor with visibility into your entire strategy.

Four features:

Wallet Scanning and Net Worth Calculation:

The platform combines seamlessly with decentralized web (Web3) compatible portfolios, scanning and consolidating users’ digital assets from different channels to accurately determine their total value.

Portfolio Optimization AI: employs an advanced algorithm that considers variables like risk tolerance, investment objectives, and market conditions to produce personalized portfolio optimization strategies. This encompasses proposing asset allocations, recommending rebalancing, and outlining diversification tactics to boost returns while mitigating risks.

User Dashboard and Insights:

Users are granted access to a comprehensive dashboard displaying their portfolio’s performance, asset allocations, and historical data. Through this platform, in-depth insights and analytics are provided, empowering users to track their advancements and make informed decisions based on data.

In a nutshell, aims to tackle these challenges by leveraging the capabilities of Web3, blockchain technology, and decentralized autonomous organizations.

Access to Smart Money:

‘Smart Money’ denotes cryptocurrency entities engaged in trading or investment practices that are regarded as knowledgeable and well-informed, often indicating insider or professional expertise.

In this ecosystem, you can also do staking. Unlock High APR Rewards.

BOARD token:


Total supply : 500,000,000 BOARD

25% = Funds allocated here support the ongoing operations within the platform s ecosystem, ensuring a smooth and continuous cycle of activities.
15% = These funds are earmarked for essential functions such as platform development, maintaining cloud infrastructure, developing AI technologies, and marketing initiatives.
15% = This reserve is dedicated to providing rewards for users who stake their tokens, incentivizing participation and investment in the platform.
17% = Funds in this section are used for listing the token on various cryptocurrency exchanges, making it publicly available for trading.
15% = This portion is allocated for tokens sold in private sale rounds, typically to early investors or strategic partners.
8% = Teams: 25,000,000 Tokens Locked for 18 months, linear vesting for another 12months. Advisors: 15,000,000 Tokens Locked for 6 months, linear vesting for another 6months.
3% = This allocation is used for promotional activities, typically involving distributing free tokens to raise awareness and expand the user base.
2% = Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Surfboard Finance stands as a digital asset management platform within the cryptocurrency realm. Its primary objective is to tackle challenges associated with wallet management by providing a comprehensive solution for overseeing and handling diverse crypto assets.

This encompasses tokens, NFTs, and DeFi stakes spread across multiple blockchain networks. Surfboard Finance is crafted to be accessible across various devices such as desktops, mobiles, and through Telegram, thereby enhancing user convenience.

At the core of the platform lies the $BOARD token, serving a pivotal role within its ecosystem by offering functionalities like rewards, governance, and access to advanced features. The project places significant emphasis on community involvement and strives to become a prominent tool within the realms of DeFi and DApps.

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