STONED – The First Degen Stoner community on ETH


STONED – The First Degen Stoner community on ETH. Find out more about this new ecosystem, its features and direct access to its website.

STONED is a community based project on the Ethereum chain rewarding holders on several innovative ways including fair on chain ETH rewards with transparency openly available on a one of a kind DAPP.

STONED – How will I get Rewards?

Before smoking up the rewards, take a moment to roll into the groove of this ecosystem. To break it down in stoner talk, you’ll need to have an example. $stoned ENS and a stash of $STONED to get in on those rewards. It’s not just about the rewards, it’s about understanding the whole vibe, so have a good read, snacks may or may not be included.

3 features to remember:

Low Marketcap Launch

This project is all about organic growth, No Presale, No Snipers, no Bullshit. Just Community.

Tax Share

Revenues generated by the tax will be distributed to the highest income earners.

Ape, Smoke & Chill

Connect with Degen Stoners and share some Alpha & Gains together.

Why should we have a ENS?

Here’s the deal:
Massive On-Chain Exposure: Dude, it’s like having a billboard on the blockchain, seriously…

Community building: It’s the rolling paper that bonds our community, sparking up a the stoner degens on ETH.

Higher sustainable rewards: It’s a ticket to exponential growth and exposure, and we’re dishing out 100% of the mint revenue to our top holders when they have a stash. It’s like staking without staking, It’s like Minting an NFT but the devs don’t do another collection tomorrow. Here’s a big event and everyone’s invited.

It’s crucial to grasp the significance of having an ENS name on the blockchain, especially if you’re a big player in a top-tier project. The main idea here is that $STONED ENS names will be everywhere on the ERC20 network, especially when they’re getting involved in other projects.

Understanding & coming up with a strategy:

Having a strategy is ideal and different for every investor, degen, stoner, caller, influencer or whoever you are and whatever you smoke.
Determine your strategy whether you are holding for x’s, swing trade or just aping a baggy to make sure you get a piece of that juice rewards. Long-term, short term, you need to adapt and do whatever you are comfortable with.
There is something for everyone with $STONED. If you read this and understand the concept.

Direct access to the official website

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