Space by Spacelens for decentralized eCommerce

Space by Spacelens for decentralized eCommerce. Spacelens offers a modern eCommerce platform owned by its community. SPACE is a decentralized marketplace token.

Space is the native token of the Spacelens e-commerce platform. Cellci offers unique capabilities to its users and has gained popularity in the online marketplace sector.

Space, a brief overview of its history and milestones:

Its parent company was founded in 2016, based in Los Angeles with offices in Madrid, Spain- Over 5 years of technical and software development to ensure the capacity and scalability of its platforms.

Successfully launched an eCommerce marketplace via a website and mobile app where buyers and sellers can buy, sell and trade goods and services.

Available today on all continents and translated into 5 different languages – Unique use of geolocation and proximity data to enhance local commerce.

Many offers already exist on the platform in various categories such as electronics, household goods, fashion, sports, video games, beauty and health, etc.

At the forefront of leveraging the latest technologies to formulate, offer and create e-commerce experiences, including augmented reality and blockchain.


Spacelens is introducing the SPACE Token (“SPACE”), a new cryptocurrency (ERC-20 Token) and smart contract platform that gives users, developers, content creators, partners, distributors, and ad-jacent online communities a crypto-backed tool for buying, selling, exchanging, using, implementing, and managing their eCommerce presence and brands among other evolving features.

The Spacelens platform will offer initial support for these Tokens in the next 12 months and will grad-ually expend the number of functionalities that can be accessed through the use of the Token on its platform across different touchpoints.

Real eCommerce experiences on the Blockchain

Space token

A decentralized platform to track, manage, distribute, buy, sell, exchange physical and digital goods and services health as well as enjoying new ways to shop, account for proceeds, protect one’s work, and provide additional layers of privacy and control.

Giving customers and the community at large a new model of decentralized ownership of their data. This subsequently offers a more unique, secure, useful, and private pool of commercial possibilities. Remove restrictions of existing centralized platforms on the free flow of commercial exchanges.

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