ShibKiller project, here are its characteristics

ShibKiller project, here are its characteristics. ShibKiller is a BEP-20 project launched in Bsc Chain.


Shibkiller, his mission is bound to be accomplished, taking the substitution as Shib’s goal, taking the breaking of the dimensional wall of the meta universe as his own responsibility and leading the landing of the Web3 of 0 application.

The users will apply the Dao to the end, and everyone will spontaneously contribute to the project until Shib is completely replaced! Shibkiller will be worthy of the title of blockchain pioneer!

ShibKiller, explanation:

Shibkiller’s service directions include the following three points:

1. Build a decentralized financial metaverse to allow more users to enter the field of digital assets.

2. Improve the application scenarios of digital assets and realize more digital asset financial services.

3. Empower the real economy through blockchain technology and realize the transformation of the real industry by the Metaverse.

The Shibkiller project is not only to solve the existing problems of the encrypted digital currency market, but also because we see the future trend: in the era of blockchain, equity investment companies will decline, and the investment community with digital assets will become popular.

In the next ten years, the market size of digital asset investment management will reach tens of trillions of dollars, and everyone will become a holder and investor of digital assets.

Shibkiller looks forward to the combined development and application of DeFi +NFT+cross-chain.

The addition of NFT can build a unique community culture, and can link virtual assets and real assets in the real world to exchange.

It will be an exploration of DeFi valueinnovation, guide DeFi to a sustainable development path, let history witness the value of decentralized banks, and allow every believer to gain long-term benefits brought by this financial revolution.

The good news, which is pleasing, and which we hope will mark the news of the metaverse in the future, is that Shibkiller’s goal is to create a decentralized financial services metaverse that is efficient and quickly operational.

ShibKiller applies a variety of technologies such as consensus algorithm, DAO, digital gateway, etc., and has made some expansions according to the latest trends.

We invite you to discover the whole project now.

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