Royal BNB, Royal Thrust Auto BNB Holding

Royal BNB, Royal Thrust Auto BNB Holding. The unique token that offers a huge 15% ROI self-claimed BNB.

Royal BNB, Royal Thrust Auto BNB Holding

Royal BNB

Royal BNB, what makes it different from other tokens?

This token is designed to revolutionize the crypto space. Loyal Royal BNB holders will always be able to
a massive 15% ROI sent automatically to their BNB wallets without having to claim every 30 minutes.

In addition to accumulating the highest BNB deposit in the market, it has a new feature called “ROYAL THRUST”.

ROYAL THRUST, we believe, is the next big revolution in Solidity code.

It is the first code type ever deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and its new functionality makes this token completely unique.


What do we mean by Royal Thrust? It is an intelligent algorithm that takes the data points of each dip and waits to buy until an interesting support is reached. It allows for automatic optimization of position taking, for example buying.

This is the very first type of code ever deployed on the Binance Smart Chain Binance and its new functionality is bound to make this coin a craze never seen before.

Like almost all other coins, a percentage of all buy and sell orders automatically help generate more liquidity on Pancake Swap.

This is extremely beneficial and necessary for the long-term growth of all of all RBP holders.

We always think and care about our royal guests royal guests, they are the primary investors of this first of its kind
Royal crypto project.

Highest NBB Awards

Transaction fees for buy and sell orders are sent to the BNB reward with the highest ROI of 15%.

No claims are necessary, BNBs are sent automatically to automatically to holders every 30 minutes.

To increase your earnings, you can simply share with your friends and family of this coin. The more it is known the more you earn.

Hold on to your $RB and watch your wallet grow.

Join us with other Royals.

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