WalletSwap, secure Cryptocurrency Wallet

WalletSwap, secure Cryptocurrency Wallet. Send, Receive and Swap Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain based tokens on the go.

WalletSwap, secure and advanced crypto-currency wallet, designed for simplicity its accessibility when on the go.


WalletSwap, why choose it?

1, Create in-app wallets, store, receive and transfer token easily in a ‘one stop shop’ experience.

2. Secure your assets with Private Keys, Mnemonic Phrases, 2-Factor Authentication, and more.

3. Highly intuitive and user-friendly mobile application for accessing the blockchain with no hidden fees or tech background needed.

4. Browse and connect to the decentralised web sites using built in powerful Web3 browser.

WSWAP token, discover its usefulness:

Users will be able to stake & harvest WSWAP directly from their WalletSwap app and earn crypto rewards.

WSWAP token holders will be the main force behind company decisions and submit their vote on any new developments.

WSWAP token holders will be able to use WSWAP to pay for swap and transaction fees on the Mobile Wallet.

Gaining eligibility in WalletSwap launch pools. WSWAP token holders will be eligible to participate in WalletSwap launch pools.

WalletSwap ecosystem:

Application works with several crypto tokens and blockchain wallets. Enabling users to store, send and receive Ethereum and Smart Chain based tokens with ease. Few important features are described below.

Rich Token Experience

Enjoyanative experience with TokenScript enabled tokens. Store and manage feature rich NFT Tokens, game tokens and ENS, along with your ETH and BSC currencies.

User Friendly UI

Beginner-friendly with no hidden fees or tech background needed. Just launch the appcreatey our wallet and start interacting with blockchain.

Backup & Recovery

Anybody who has your seed phrase can steal your cryptos. The wallet provides user-friendly 12-word secure key backup, management and recovery. Biometric
and pin support. WalletSwap wallet utilises Secure Enclave, giving you cold wallet level security.

Advanced Web3 Browser

Interact and access the dApp ecosystem: DeFi, marketplaces, games and everything else directly from the Web3 Browser with Integrated interface that is fully optimised for mobile so you can enjoy the content designed specifically for your device.

In summary:

What is WalletSwap?

It is a decentralized mobile service wallet which allows users to buy, store and exchange Binance and Ethereum tokens directly from their mobile device.

What is the WSWAP token?

WSWAP is the preferred token that will be used for staking, governance, The wallet provides user-friendly 12-word secure key backup,

Do we have an Android WalletSwap application?

WalletSwap Android App is on the Playstore and has received an overwhelming response. Check out our Android App here.

Do we have an iOS WalletSwap application?

Our Wallet iOS application is in its development phase. Please check the roadmap for more details.

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