PulseLaunch – introduction


PulseLaunch – First & Only Community Governed Launchpad on PulseChain. Discover its features.

PulseLaunch, an introduction to the first and only launch platform on the PulseChain network.

PulsLaunch – introduction:

PulseLaunch isn’t just a platform; it’s a vision of a more connected launchpad ecosystem. The latter is entirely community-governed, and accessible with profit-sharing for holders. The mission is to empower developers, entrepreneurs and users by providing a state-of-the-art platform for the launch and growth of revolutionary cryptographic projects.

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and crypto-currencies, there is a growing need for a platform that not only facilitates the launch of new projects, but nurtures and supports them from conception to completion.

PulseLaunch is designed to be that platform – a launchpad that combines cutting-edge technology and marketing, community-driven governance and a robust support system to ensure that every project it embraces has the best chance of success.

At the heart of the project is the PulseChain network, known for its high efficiency, low transaction costs and scalability.
Integration with PulseChain enables us to offer an unrivalled experience to project creators and users alike.

Three features you need to know:

  1. Profit-Sharing – Every token holder reaps the benefits with PulseLaunch. 10% of the net profit is given back to token stakers and LP’s. Stake with us and profit from each project’s journey to success.
  2. 1st Community Governed Launchpad – The community is at the center of our vision. A planned airdrop for $LAUNCH holders in the form of DAO tokens will make this vision come to life as the community will have full say voting what projects launch on PulseChain.
  3. Priority Members-Only Access – Stake $LAUNCH and earn PulsePoints. Secure 1st access to incubated projects using PulsePoints & enjoy the privilege of early entry, empowering you to lead the charge in project launches. PulsePoints cannot be bought or sold.


PulseLaunch’s vision is crafted by a diverse team, including Madison Ave-trained marketers, a TechStars-winning AI development team, filmmakers, content creators, storytellers and cybersecurity specialists.

The whole team aspires to create a world where PulseChain technology is the backbone of a new era of decentralized innovation, offering a transparent, secure and efficient path to turn revolutionary ideas into reality.

The vision goes beyond a simple launch platform; it’s a dynamic, community-supported ecosystem designed to encourage innovation, support emerging projects and provide unrivalled access to the future of crypto-currency. The team sees PulseLaunch as the nexus of blockchain innovation, a platform that doesn’t just launch projects, but nurtures and propels them into the future.

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