Petoverse, discover why it’s the best animal metaverse project

Petoverse, discover why it’s the best animal metaverse project. Key features of this project include.


Petoverse is a virtual reality MMORPG universe within the MetaVerse world that aims to serve as a place of enjoyment that can also provide income with this Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol.

The income sources in Petoverse do not just stop at Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol, there are also a variety of NFTs to be bought and sold within the Marketplace. Well, of course, the game will also give a heck of an income to the players.

If you are interested in the Metaverse news, then this project should interest you, here are the details.

Petraverse project, its characteristics:

This project aims to cover all the varying interests in the crypto space, from being a utility token to integrating newer concepts like the MMORPG Metaverse.

Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding protocol will serve as a source of passive income to $PETO holders. With 8% burned in the Inferno Pit for every transaction, the price of $PETO will keep rising and increase in value.

This protocol also has the Petoverse Insurance Fund (PIF, in short) to ensure the stability of price and the security of the holder’s investments.

Apart from the Auto-Staking and Compounding protocol, this ecosystem main focus is to bring out the Metaverse MMORPG game potential to the crowd. This animal-themed metaverse is bringing out the cuteness from each character to ventured around Petoverse Universe. Travelling around dungeons, meet different people, and live in the future!

Petoverse is a virtual reality MMORPG universe within the MetaVerse world with a unique adventure featuring our lovely pets in their journey to travel around the Petoverse.

This ecosystem is a melting pot of many awesome and successful gaming projects from Sandbox to Axie Infinity. Petoverse’s uniqueness will stand out from the growing gaming industry with the adventure that it will give to all players, regardless of the users previous gaming experience. With a clear game development plan, the community is invited to follow along every step of the way right up through the full game release.

Petoverse Plaza: The heart of the game

The Petoverse Plaza will be the hub of the Metaverse world where the player’s avatars are extensions of the player’s minds and bodies. This will be the heart of the game as players can create guilds, form communities, create income, craft clothes, and mint or sell their items.

Here are the 5 places that are available within the City Plaza:

1. Marketplace
The transactional hub for all things in the game. This is where you can sell, buy, or auction your costume sets. The Marketplace will be the place to be if you want to buy or sell your items.

2. House Of Fortune (HOF)
The House Of Fortune (HOF) is where you can win awesome prizes like costume sets or money! There will be fun games that you can participate in at the HOF.

3. Tavern
This is where guilds can be formed and users able to commune. Ten to twenty members are allowed per guild where you can create and grow your community. All while chilling and relaxing your way through the space.

4. Fashion Mall
The players can buy fashion-related items in the Fashion Mall. Create and Experiment with your style in the Fashion Mall.

5. Peto-Forge
The player can mint all of their unique and cool items in the Peto-Forge. The items they mint will be forever integrated with the blockchain.

Freely discover Various game scenarios with your vr glasses. Get to know the best places in more detail.

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