Niros, what is it?

Niros, what is it? Niros is an Hyper-deflationary digital currency. Now get all the information about its ecosystem.


Niros is not a Meme Token, it’s a movement. By combining Defi, limited supply, passive Bitcoin/Ethereum earnings, AI, and the rapidly expanding adaptation of crypto with real-life use cases and education – this is our mission. We realize, and thoroughly understand, that many – from the systematically impoverished and disadvantaged in North America, to those
in South America, Central America, Africa and pockets of Asia – have been institutionally excluded from achieving the dream of financial freedom.

Founded by a team of successful tech entrepreneurs and finance professionals,

Niros is a Hyper -deflationary digital currency that acts as a store of value with unlimited upside while simultaneously providing passive income through Bitcoin and Ethereum reflections.

Niros utilizes cutting edge Artificial Technology (AI) and partner relationships to drive value for Niros token holders. Additionally, Niros offers opportunities in business and entrepreneurship support, crypto and finance education, and ecommerce.

Niros, what can still be said about it:

Play-to-earn gaming, NFTs, and Multiverses are all known terminology associated with the ultra-hot blockchain gaming sector. Blockchain games such as My Neighbor Alice, Gala, and Axie Infinity generate hundred of millions, and even billions, of dollars in revenue.

Furthermore, these games generate not only income for the gamers, but it allows them to accumulate real assets worth real dollars. These factors have caused a seismic shift in gaming and presented tremendous opportunities to generate multiple streams of income.

By powering select games with Niros’s tech infrastructure and integrating the Niros token as a form of game currency, Niros is able to generate additional revenues and drive token price via reflections.

Historically, access to capital for disadvantaged businesses has always been scarce and subject to biased funding practices, and as a result access to opportunities and growth too has been stymied.

Niros will introduce AI driven Defi tools to help eradicate this detrimental practice.

Blockchain technology allows for the incorporation on numerous Defi tools that offer a host of peer-to-peer solutions, add in the power of AI and you have an unrivaled tool for real economic change.

Niros will provide AI supported Defi tools that will help ease both the search for, and access to, capital on a worldwide basis. Institutional bias will be a thing of the past.

Another key detriment to financial independence is the access to relevant information at the opportune time. How do you take advantage of an opportunity if you are not even aware of it? Knowing when and where potential opportunities will arise is a critical must.

Defi tools powered by Niros AI will continually work to provide holders with customized information built on their individual needs and goals.

So, if the goal is to scale a business or grow a portfolio, our recommendation engine will provide them the individualized information and access to resources to make that happen.

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