Nakamigos – an NFT-based ecosystem


Nakamigos – an NFT-based ecosystem. Discover the characteristics of this project, its ecosystem and direct access to its website.

Nakamigos – an NFT-based ecosystem, access over 20,000 avatars.

If you are interested in NFT news, you follow it, then you cannot ignore this project, find out why?

Nakamigos – introduction:

Key Features of Nakamigos

  1. Collection Details:
    • Size: The collection consists of 20,000 avatars.
    • Art Style: These avatars are designed in a simple, pixel art style reminiscent of the popular CryptoPunks, using a 24 by 24 pixel format​​.
  2. Minting and Trading:
    • Launch Method: Nakamigos were initially sold through a Dutch auction, with prices starting at 1 ETH and going down to 0.01 ETH.
    • Market Performance: The collection has seen significant trading activity and has maintained a strong presence on platforms like OpenSea​​.
  3. Rarity and Types:
    • The avatars include both human and non-human characters, with non-human Nakamigos being rarer.
    • The rarest type in the collection is the “ghost” Nakamigo​​.
  4. Ownership and Rights:
    • Commercial Rights: Owners have commercial rights over their NFTs, allowing them to use their avatars for various purposes without additional restrictions.
    • Hands-off Approach: The project follows a non-interventionist management style similar to the early CryptoPunks. The focus is on community growth and interaction in this ecosystem, with no detailed roadmap or additional benefits.

Community and Ecosystem

The Nakamigos project community is strong and highlights the simplicity and nostalgic appeal of NFT in pixel art.

NFT owners have the opportunity to use them creatively and integrate them into other personal projects or initiatives, increasing the value and appeal of owning a Nakamigo.

Details of its ecosystem:

  1. One of Nakamigos’ main strengths is its vibrant and engaged community. People who own Nakamigos come together because of their shared passion for pixel art and the minimalist approach to the project. The promotion and ongoing support of the project is greatly influenced by this community.
  2. Nakamigos holders have full commercial rights to their avatars. This means they have the ability to use their NFT for various creative projects, such as creating spin-offs, using it in games or apps, or even for personal marketing initiatives. Innovation and the wider use of avatars, beyond mere possession, are encouraged by this model.
  3. 20,000 avatars with a wide variety of traits and characteristics are listed in the Nakamigos collection, resulting in a hierarchy of rarity within the collection. Nonhuman avatars, especially ‘ghost’ Nakamigos, are extremely rare and sought after, giving the ecosystem a speculative and collectible dimension.

Market presence

Although there is no detailed roadmap or utility beyond property rights, Nakamigos has managed to maintain a strong market presence due to its distinctive artistic style and community enthusiasm.

It is considered a remarkable project in the NFT space, particularly attracting collectors and pixel art enthusiasts.

Details of the “CLOAKS” Collection by Nakamigos

The Nakamigos’ CLOAKS collection is a major extension of their NFT universe, comprising 20,000 unique pieces. The collection, which was announced in September 2023, includes various types of characters and creatures, and grants global intellectual property and gaming rights to holders.

Main Characters

  • Humanoids: This category includes warriors, knights, archers, witches, and wizards. Each character belongs to one of the seven elemental clans: Water, Sky, Earth, Steel, Crystal, Fire, and Darkness. They can take on different unique forms such as Undead Reaper, Possessed, or Android (Good or Evil).
  • Archers: Some archers can appear in a Wild form.
  • Wolves: Includes variants such as Gray Wolf, Forest Wolf, Mountain Wolf, and Arctic Wolf.

Non-Human Characters

  • Rares: This rare category includes creatures like Arctic Wolf, Komodo Dragon, Yin-Yang, Cheetah, Bat, and Black Panther.

Minting Process

Initially, the mint price for the “CLOAKS” collection was set at 0.05 ETH. In response to negative community feedback, Nakamigos adjusted their strategy, offering a free mint for existing Nakamigos holders, while the public mint remained priced at 0.05 ETH

Rights and Usage

Holders of the “CLOAKS” NFTs enjoy commercial and global gaming rights similar to those offered by projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. This allows holders to leverage the characters for commercial uses as long as they own the NFTs​.

Direct access to the official website

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