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Monerium – onchain fiat infrastructure. Find out more about the DeFi project, its objectives and direct access to its website.

Monerium allows you to transfer money directly between offchain and web3 banks easily and instantly. All onchain fiat minted by Monerium is fully authorized, fully regulated and fully guaranteed.

If you follow DeFi news, you’ll have noticed that there’s more and more talk of mixing the advantages of decentralized finance with centralized ones. This project offers a concrete solution along those lines.

Monerium – presentation:


Monerium is a company specializing in electronic money (e-money) solutions on the blockchain. The Monerium GBP (British Pound Sterling) project aims to create a digital version of the pound sterling, facilitating electronic transactions and offering an alternative to traditional financial systems.

Project Objectives

  • Facilitate Digital Payments: By using blockchain, Monerium GBP enables fast and secure transactions.
  • Provide a Regulated Solution: Monerium complies with financial regulations, ensuring the legitimacy and security of transactions.
  • Promote Financial Inclusion: By simplifying access to financial services, Monerium aims to include more people in the global financial system.

What is DeFi?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a set of financial services based on blockchain technology that eliminates traditional intermediaries like banks and financial institutions. DeFi enables direct transactions between users, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Key Components of Monerium GBP

  1. Electronic Money (e-money): A digital version of traditional currency, regulated and secure.
  2. Blockchain: A distributed ledger technology that ensures transparency and security of transactions.
  3. Smart Contracts: Autonomous programs executed on the blockchain to automate transactions and agreements.

How It Works

  1. Issuance of Monerium GBP: Users can convert their traditional pounds sterling into Monerium GBP through the Monerium platform.
  2. Transactions: Once converted, these e-money units can be used for fast and secure transactions on the blockchain.
  3. Redemption: Users can reconvert their Monerium GBP into traditional pounds sterling at any time.


  • Security: Thanks to blockchain, transactions are secure and transparent.
  • Efficiency: Transactions are faster and less costly than those conducted through traditional banking systems.
  • Accessibility: Financial services are more easily accessible, especially for the unbanked.

Understanding the Project without Prior Knowledge of DeFi

  • Simplifying Transactions: Think of Monerium GBP as a digital version of the pound sterling that you can use like cash but online.
  • Enhanced Security: Imagine blockchain as a large public ledger where all transactions are immutably recorded, making fraud nearly impossible.
  • Global Accessibility: Unlike traditional banks that may have hours and geographical limitations, transactions with Monerium GBP can be done 24/7 and anywhere in the world.


The Monerium money-as-a-service platform lets developers securely manage and automate the flow of money on and off blockchains.

  • Real money on blockchains that you can send to anyone, anywhere at anytime without intermediaries. The money is also standardized to support all major blockchain wallets and smart contracts.
  • Monerium IBAN, a fiat gateway that enables you to seamlessly collect and send money between bank accounts and blockchain addresses.
  • Payment API that services can manage accounts, get payment notification and trigger outgoing payments.
  • Fully licensed. Monerium EMI is an electronic money institution, a European financial institution that is licensed to operate in the EEA. We take care of the regulatory burden, so you can focus on creating the best possible product.

Monerium GBP represents a significant step towards modernizing and democratizing financial services. By using blockchain and offering a digital version of the pound sterling, Monerium facilitates financial transactions in a secure, efficient, and accessible manner for a broader audience.

Direct access to the official website

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