Metaroid, the social NFT Marketplace

Metaroid, the social NFT Marketplace. Discover all the features of this ecosystem as well as direct access to the official website.


Metaroid is an NFT marketplace focussed on social features that attract user engagement.

The platform provides gamification and it opens space for metaverse owing to 1155 NFT format which enables the NFT covering single to multiple limited authentic exemplars and creator wallets.

The issued licenses or certificates are able to grasp physical and digital assets.

Here is a NFT marketplace focussed on social features that enhance the user engagement. Each NFT covers single to multiple digital assets and multiple creator wallets. Powered by 1155 NFT format, the Metaroid has diverse usabilities in digital license, certificate and also gamification.

Metaroid, its field of activity:

The trend of NFT began with digital artwork, and has been grasping game attribute and also digital asset in metaverses. Its usability will be improved into significant others which deal with
our daily life such as ticketing and fund gathering.

The Metaroid will be positioning its platform as an NFT market- place, thus enriched with several features for improving NFT environment such as social and gamification features that will
strengthen the community engagement. The marketplace will be established and growing to become a decentralized base of digital assets, connecting the users, creators and corporates to the future of license and certificate of physical things and digital ones including the assets in metaverses.


It is obvious that this type of ecosystem is able to mark the actuality of the metaverse by bringing concrete solutions, here is why?

The world of license and certification is disrupted with the appearance of NFT, thus any physical or digital thing can be copyrighted and become valuable. Since an NFT license can be attached
to any digital object, it opens a horizon of value for limited digital objects in virtual world.

The metaverse is a broad term that describes the next advancement of our life. We could create, buy and sell virtual goods from one platform to another. The metaverse refers to virtual world that continuously connects the aspect of physical and digital world. The Metaroid and its decentralized open platform based on public blockchain technology that encompasses digital assets and digital identities will be underlying those possibilites.


A smart contract, similar to it in many DeFi projects (Decentralized Finance), basically runs in its own wallet on the blockchain.

The smart contract is the core system that enables the NFT and its transactions to run smoothly without any risk of manipulation, because the interactions with a smart contract only take place via transactions with the wallet of the smart contract.

The specific number of a token, the address of the assigned owner of the token and other data of the token, are saved in the storage space of the smart contract. The standard enables a reliable and uniform communication with the program or smart contract, so it is clear how an individual or the platform can interact with the NFT.

The Metaroid platform uses the latest NFT format, the 1155 one, for supporting all kinds of NFTs and their licensed exemplars. With this format, a creator can produce a single rare digital asset to thousands limited digital assets.

Direct access to the official website

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