Metaplanet and MetaQ, what is it?

Metaplanet and MetaQ, what is it? Enjoy the hottest NFT right now, here are its features and official website.

MetaPlanet and MetaQ

Metaplanet is a blockchain NFT game platform that began with the professionals from all over the game industry, based on the technology of CubeSystem that has maintained a stable blockchain system since the launch of the Mainnet in 2019.

Metaplanet’s Mainnet Metacube has high TPS and fast search capabilities, so this can be a solution that can optimize the blockchain game environment that needs to reliably process large amounts of data.

Metaplanet, which is expanding the ecosystem through cooperation with various creative companies through diversification of business models based on various ideas, it aims to expand into a Metaverse platform where more value can be produced and consumed by renewing various IPs (Intellectual Property Rights) that we already have and discovering and distributing semi-permanent and valuable high-quality contents.

Through blockchain-based virtual assets, various in-game digital contents (character, item, etc.) are stored in NFT to provide a stable trading platform that can be transacted.

MetaPlanet and MetaQ platform:

The MetaQ platform is centered on Metaplanet’s own mainnet MetaQ, which is a decentralized network serving as a hub that enables services in various industrial fields by combining virtual reality metaverse and blockchain technology. It plays a role in composing an ecosystem by making entertainment elements such as games, shopping, and social media work in conjunction with the virtual economy.

The goal of Metaplanet is to maintain the active activities of various ecosystem members, including users and various companies and developers by expanding the network, starting with IP-based NFT games.

Advantages of this ecosystem:

MetaQ is a blockchain mainnet specialized for games. With the current speed of about 10,000 TPS, it is possible to create 10,000 items at the same time, which makes it possible to achieve a smooth speed that does not interfere with gameplay.

Also the fee can be freely set and used, so there’s absolutely no burden for fees. Above all, when using the mainnet of other blockchains, it is easy to solve when there are restrictions in the realization of essential
functions for games, enabling customized development and high expandability.

MetaQ is a fast and secure creation of data blocks in a parallel structure through 24 transaction pools. 24 data blocks generated simultaneously from the transaction pool are routed to cubing, enabling fast and secure processing. It manages parallel processing of large amounts of data blocks through a technology called cubing, and is designed to implement fast access between blocks through a double hash function and pattern block structure.

MetaQ token:

METAQ is the utility token used and circulated for NFT purchases, items, and staking, which are common on the Metacube platform. Free and stable transactions can be conducted without a third-party intermediary, and while enjoying various types of content on the platform, users can acquire METAQ tokens in the form of rewards or revenue generation.

Based on this process, the ecosystem and platform are flexibly expanded, allowing an active
consumption of various contents to allow the METAQ token to have a virtuous cycle.

Direct access to the official website

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