MetaGochi, what is it?

MetaGochi, what is it? Metagochi was created to develop the largest token in the Metaverse based on the Tamagotchi.


MetaGochi, introducing the biggest virtual pet Metaverse platform.

The concept of the Metaverse may change as the project develops, but in the long run, it is envisioned that there will be a full Metaverse where you can train your Metagochi to have more chances to win games and earn rewards in the form of unique NFT eggs.

The Team

We have a core team of both real word app developers, and some of the most experienced individuals in DeFi with each member vetted carefully to ensure that they are fit for their role.

We have solid marketing, design, development, and community management departments with experienced team members using their own skill set to the fullest.

Our marketing team has solid relationships with all of the big names on Twitter and Telegram as well as contacts to ensure we hit our target audience on other social media platforms such as Reddit.

We will always be active on Twitter and Telegram for feedback, suggestions and ideas!

MetaGochi, what is it?

Presentation by the team itself:

Metagochi was created by taking our love of Tamagotchi’s and the Metaverse, and blending them together to create the biggest Tamagotchi based Metaverse token to launch on the Ethereum network!

Our team is assembled from successful real world app developers, as well as some of the most experienced individuals in DeFi, and we committed to make Metagochi the next big thing!

We have some huge plans in the works including a Metaverse, where you can mint Metagochi NFT’s, participate in training games to level up your NFT’s, and breed them to hatch baby Metagochi’s too!

As we expand the development of the Metaverse we will be creating an augmented reality metaverse where you will be able to train and interact with your Metagochi in the real world.

NFT of Metagochi

Discover Metagochi NFTs that you can trade for use in the Metagochi Metaverse. This means you can collect, train and earn Metagochi eggs with your NFT.

Collect, Train, Earn

By owning $MGCHI token, you will be rewarded with weekly eggs that hatch into new Metagochi NFT’s.

Participate in training games to level up your NFT’s, you can breed them to hatch baby Metagochi’s too!

You can earn egg rewards to hatch unique Metagochi’s as well as items to be used in game.

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