Arcane Token, decentralized cryptocurrency for a NFT Marketplace

Arcane Token, decentralized cryptocurrency for a NFT Marketplace. Discover all its features, benefits and direct access to the official website.


ARCANE Token is about innovation, it integrates the world of NFTs with the Gaming industry. Gamers and Artists are now one unit, exchanging digital entities with the help of ARCANE Token.

ARCANE Token is fully decentralized and owned by its fun, and vibrant community.

The goal is to combine the benefits of blockchain technology and its reach to millions of people waiting for an opportunity.

Learn about an important project in GameFi, its features and more.

Arcane token, its characteristics:

Arcane Token is a deflationary Token with strong tokenomics that allows the task to develop healthful and steady, they have got constructed a transaction mechanism so as to assist to stabilize the price, because the circulating supply decreases the demand increase, and a effective price pressure happens to the easy however powerful burning mechanism which guarantees stability. We are utilizing the NFTs as a device to help spread the name and provide cognizance of this aspect of the marketplace using our personalized NFT marketplace.

ARCANE token develops a unique NFT marketplace and connects decentralized communities. Now people can own exclusive rights to their own themes, characters, videos, music, and more. With all this we will launch an NFT marketplace where people will receive their unique indivisible tokens.

Each transaction in the ARCANE token protocol automatically creates liquidity on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange that operates on-chain and has many feature such as the harvest of liquidity tokens, liquidity provider profits, and much more. An automated market maker (“PMM”) allows two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance smart chain, this is where you can earn ARCANE tokens through many upcoming events and pools, being beneficial for long-term contributors and helps preserve the community. Informed and rewarded.

NFT Marketplace:

The NFT Marketplace is an essential part of the NFT ecosystem. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique non-fungible assets created on the chain. These tokens can connect to anything from digital animations to physical assets. A key attribute of NFTs is that they give them intrinsic value and categorize them from other asset types.

These attributes include certainty of uniqueness and indivisibility. The transparent nature of the underlying code means that the scarcity and ownership of a given token are apparent even without a trusted intermediary. We see the emergence of NFTs as a continuation of a paradigm shift from centralized to decentralized systems.

This structure opens up new business models for digital and physical collectibles. Blockchains provide the ability to create non-financial tokens (NFTs), which are unique, verifiable collectibles. NFTs are used in digital art, digital assets, and other applications with properties and values unique to each NFT, assigned to unique accounts. People can make sure that they own the original asset and prove their ownership on a public blockchain.

The platform will provide an NFT market for this purpose where players can search for one or more specific in-game NFT.

The market will provide all details about what an NFT can do in the game. Players buy the NFTs they want to use from the market to use in an upcoming game match. Buying these NFTs could be well worth using them in tournaments where prize money can be won.

Tournaments will be periodically organized by ARCANE Token but can be also organized by anyone in the world using the ARCANE Token ecosystem. The NFTs can be bought by the ARCANE Token main token $AVC and stored in a Binance wallet indefinitely. They can be used anytime when a player plays a game and connect its wallet with the NFTs. ARCANE Token will also introduce a way to earn unique, one of kind NFT in-game utility by staking the ARCANE Token main token $ARCANE. These staking rewards in the form of an NFT are random NFTs.

Th platform will introduce new games during its future or seek collaboration with existing game producers and games already on the market. For each type of game,

ARCANE Token will introduce their own NFT sets on the NFT market and NFT rewards in case of staking. The NFT section will also be used for a traditional purpose like in-game art. ARCANE Token will sign up upcoming artists for this. These NFT will represent achieved in-game accomplishments and unique rare items found in-game. These NFTs and the NFTs earned by staking can also be sold on the ARCANE Token NFT market.


Total supply: 100,000,000

Initial burn: 10,000,000 (10%)

Tokens for Listing on FEG Exchange: 10,000,000 (10%)

Add to PancakeSwap Liquidity: 80,000,000 (80.00%)

Transaction Fee’s

Rewards to Holders (Arcane) & Burn: 2%

Add to Liquidity: 2%

Marketing fee: 2%

Direct acces to the official site

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