Metagaming, a new token and its platform to discover

Metagaming, a new token and its platform to discover. Find out what this token is for and what it offers on the related platform.


Metagaming, let’s build a new reality!

Metagaming is a new cryptocurrency token. It was launched recently in the market. Experts are thinking about the rapid
increase in the value of the Metagaming token. One of the primary reasons behind this is the increase in Defi (decentralized finance) tokens. History says that all decentralized finance-based tokens proliferate.

This token has unique characters as compared to other digital currencies. MTGM token is a token paired with a game. Currently, holders will earn Metagaming through the tokenomics of the Metagaming token and participate in events. This project was developed by true gamers who want people to enjoy and earn at the same time. People can earn Metagaming rewards with every game they play.

This game adds to the range of games offered by the GameFi universe, here is why?

Metagaming, here are the features of the game platform:

The game is based on blockchain technology. Due to the transparency and security of blockchain, the gameplay is completely fair and without any third-party involvement. In the game, there are 4 big sections Games, Club, Wallet, Friends.

In the gaming area of Metagaming, you can play against another player to win and earn the reward. Joining a game requires a token as a fee. A portion of the fee is burned to prove the liquidity against the token. The remaining amount is set as a prize.

There are 4-5 traditional games, but the creative mode is the focus. The creator is paid a fee, which is deducted from the
entrance charge. The entrance money is split between the creator and the winner, with a little portion being burned.

Metagaming is also aiming to launch mobile application with VR capability. This step is to provide gaming experience and earning opportunity to everyone. You can experience VR on your mobile players will also be playable with standard VR glasses (with or without VR).

Metagaming, mission:

The Metagaming team’s mission is to build a system where users can play, share, and trade without central control, enjoying secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn a native token.

Discover a token that aims to combine the power of gaming and crypto into one. The gaming industry is bombing with games that reward the player for playing. But this ecosystem is going to take this to the next level. This platform is going to give players rewards in the form of crypto tokens. Every successful player is going to receive a reward directly into their crypto wallet.

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