Cryptogram token, what is it? What is it used for?

Cryptogram token, what is it? What is it used for? Find now the answer to these questions as well as the direct access to the official website.

Cryptogram token

Cryptogram (CRYPTOGRAM TOKEN) is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with real-world utility, built-in scarcity, and a brand capable of achieving global recognition.

The token is native to the Cryptogram platform, which is a new kind of social media for money. Cryptogram allows its users
to freely distribute content in a decentralized and anonymous manner while engaging in cross-chain trading in a seamless and fully integrated environment.

The goal is to eliminate the barriers that have arisen between investors, as well as between investors and developers, due to opaque markets and ineffective regulation, making Cryptogram a truly anonymous ecosystem with features and services that are unmatched in the crypto space.

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Cryptogram token, here is the global vision of the concept:

The Cryptogram brand offers a unique value proposition for investors, as 60 percent of all profits generated by the Cryptogram ecosystem and subsequent applications will be distributed to our token holders on a quarterly basis. Hence,
Cryptogram is not only a platform; it’s a tech firm, which will release a series of distinct applications and projects designed to add value to crypto markets and maximize investor returns. By holding the Cryptogram token investors will not only enjoy the benefits of price appreciation; they will also own shares in an innovative tech firm, with an attendant claim on its future profit streams.

This project offers a new concept: social media for money, which provides a novel method of communicating between wallet holders and a soon-tobe released decentralized cross-chain exchange (DEX), as well as an ICO launchpad and rigorous governance protocols that create the safest available investment environment.

As such, Cryptogram solves the most severe problems in crypto markets, which result from investor uncertainty regarding the quality and profitability of available projects.

Cryptogram thus effectively creates an internal market wherein investors can trade safely and emulate the trading strategies of crypto-whales, while project managers can promote their tokens and gain credibility for their enterprise.

As our signature application, Cryptogram consists of a crypto-based social media platform that will include the following capabilities:

1) Anonymous Messaging – Wallet holders can communicate and share content anonymously in an end-to-end encrypted chat.

2) Copy the Whales – Wallet holders can selectively display the contents of their wallets to the community. Top traders will be ranked on our leader board, and can create their own subscription-based channels, so that others can copy their trades and engage them directly, thus enabling skilled traders to monetize their investment expertise.

3) Trading Platform – Cryptogram will contain a DEX (decentralized exchange) that will permit users to trade a full array of coins and tokens across several of the major block-chains. Cryptogram’s later versions will permit fiat deposits and withdrawals, which is a feature only available on centralized exchanges.

4) Launchpad – Cryptogram will contain and ICO launchpad wherein approved tokens can be launched and promoted within our community.

5) Governance – Cryptogram solves the problem of investor uncertainty regarding the integrity and quality of new projects by implementing KYC requirements for all users and developers. In particular, developers who wish to launch ICOs on Cryptogram will undergo rigorous financial and background checks, as well as an independent audit of their contract. In so doing, we provide a safe investor environment, free from bad actors, scams and other forms of illegal activity that are rampant in crypto markets.

To sum up:

Cryptogram’s mission is to create an ecosystem of high quality technology products that will not only revolutionize, but simplify the way people acquire, trade and invest in digital assets. By launching disruptive products and capitalizing on trends, we will ensure that the Cryptogram token has real value and continually rewards investors as the company grows.

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