Lynx – Multi-chain Sniping and Trading Bot

Lynx – Multi-chain Sniping and Trading Bot. Presentation of the ecosystem, its goals, characteristics and direct access to their website.

Lynx Tech is a Web3 software development company committed to enhancing everyone’s Web3 experience.

The flagship product of this ecosystem, DeadShot (Sniping Bot), offers traders an unrivalled algorithm. It also delivers exceptional efficiency and top-notch security in crypto-currency trading.

If you’re interested in decentralized trading, then this new ecosystem should be of interest to you.


Lynx Tech creates DeadShot:

Crypto trading and sniping present challenges such as volatility, liquidity risks, fraud, scams, and security concerns, often complicating timely trade execution especially across multiple blockchains and assets.

Decentralized Bitcoin trading and cryptos in general is increasingly sought after and accessible, you just need to find the decentralized trading platform that suits you best


DeadShot addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower traders. From high-speed transactions to advanced analysis tools and anti-scam detection, this bot empowers traders to take control of their crypto investments while minimizing risks.

DeadShot – MVP Sniping Bot Tax 1%

  • Supports Multi-Chain – Ethereum – Binance Smart Chain – Polygon network
  • Other People’s Wallet (OPW) Full Graphical Analysis
  • Copies and multiplies gas for front-running.
  • Snipes V2 and V3 Liquidity
  • Snipes the exact amount of tokens defined.
  • Snipes through encrypted smart contracts to prevent sandwich bots, copy bots, and front-runners.
  • Anti-rug and Anti-blacklisting
  • Supports EIP-1559 (ETH)
  • Sophisticated filter against bad actors.
  • Classic Sniping
  • Executes Rapidly
  • Mirror Sniping
  • Slippage settings for buying and selling.
  • Verifies tokens on EtherScan, BscScan, and PolygonScan.
  • Snipes private transactions in the next block.
  • Handles multiple wallets
  • Absolute Stop Loss/Gain
  • Trailing Stop Loss/Gain
  • Manual selling in various percentages.

Token Utility

The native token, $LYNX, powers the ecosystem. Users need to hold at least 1,000 $LYNX to unlock top-tier features and experience the full range of ecosystem benefits.

$LYNX Tokenomics

Presale: 35%

  • 1,750,000 $LYNX
  • $78,750 Presale Proceeds
  • 40% unlocked on launch day

Multiple Reward System (MRS)

Rewards will be generated from the following sources:

1% transaction tax for the Sniping bot
5% $LYNX Buy and Sell Tax
Staking reward pool of 500,000 $LYNX

Staking: Stake $LYNX for up to a 17.99% APR to grow your crypto portfolio and generate passive income.

Direct access to the official website

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