Dreambyt3 – First Sustainable NFT Marketplace


Dreambyt3 – First Sustainable NFT Marketplace. Here are the project’s features, benefits and direct access to the official website.

DREAMBYT3 has been assembled by a team of die-hard NFT enthusiasts in order to finally implement a marketplace that is not only good for its own future and token holders of $DREAM, but one that is beneficial for the entire non-fungible ecosystem.

If you follow NFT news, then this project should catch your attention.

Dreambyt3 – overview:

DREAMBYT3 is an NFT marketplace that is built with sustainability in mind and an innovative revenue sharing mechanism for $DREAM token stakers, enabling the ability for stakers to earn weekly passive income from protocol trading fees. With DREAMBYT3, you can trade NFTs, and also benefit from contributing to the NFT ecosystem at large. Your rewards as a staker are claimable every week in $WETH.

DREAM Token and Tokenomics

DREAM is the native protocol token of the DREAMBYT3 ecosystem and is currently designed to serve as the value accrual and governance unit within the DREAMBYT3 universe.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

1 billion DREAM have been minted at genesis and will become accessible in time. If you are familiar with UNI (Uniswap Token), you will notice that DREAM follows a similar schedule, with cliffs and vesting for advisors. The initial allocation is as follows:

  • 51% to DREAMBYT3 community members 510,000,000 DREAM
  • 28% to past and future core contributors with 1-month cliff 1-year vesting 280,000,000 DREAM
  • 8% to investors with 3-month cliff and 1-year vesting 80,000,000 DREAM
  • 3% to advisors with 3-month cliff and 1-year vesting 30,000,000 DREAM
  • 10% to the DREAM LBP event 100,000,000 DREAM



Do you like passive income? Consider staking your $DREAM LP tokens to get your share of marketplace trading fees, on a weekly basis, claimable in $WETH.

Revenue Sharing:

50% of all marketplace fees will be distributed to $DREAM LP stakers in $WETH, every single week pro-rata to their share of veDREAM. In this quest to build a sustainable NFT market, the necessary innovation has been pretty straightforward: share the cost with community members who are aligned with DREAM DAO’s long-term goals.. As a result, revenue is shared with users who stake $DREAM LP tokens from the outset. Earn a share of the platform’s fees, generated by a minimal transaction fee of 1% on every buy or sell.

Low Fees:

A flat 1% fee is all it costs to trade NFTs on the DREAMBYT3 marketplace.

Direct access to the official website

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