LITEDEX, what is it?

LITEDEX, what is it? Here is a decentralized exchange protocol that adopts the world’s most popular blockchains.


LITEDEX is a decentralized exchange protocol that adopts the world’s most popular blockchains; Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Network, Huobi Eco Chain, Polygon Matic Network, Tron Network, Polkadot Network and Solana Network.

As the first DeFi platform in Indonesia, LITEDEX also gained the advantages from some of the best decentralized protocols and create an ecosystem that is very beneficial for LDX Token holder.

The First Decentralized Exchange Platform in Indonesia to adopt Multiple Blockchains.

The commitment is to build a DeFi ecosystem within the decentralized available features to provide liquidity services in one platform for higher quality assets, reliable, diverse, democratic, cost-effective and secure trading experience for DeFi users around the world.‌

This project is a milestone in decentralized finance news because it meets specific needs that will be increasingly important in the future

Litedex, a well-defined goal:

Trade, earn, stack returns and trade NFTs across the world’s most popular blockchain networks on a decentralized DeFi platform.

4 points to remember:

  • LITEDEX provides services that doesn’t exist in Centralized Finance (CeFi) sector like Swap, Staking, Farming and NFT.
  • This platform was developed by a team of experienced crypto trader and blockchain developer, supported by professionals in project management, communication, marketing, sales and more.
  • Its protocol apply smart contracts audit to ensure highly secured transactions on the platform.
  • Its ecosystem develops community of crypto enthusiasts based on the value of Benefit Sharing.


LITEDEX Token is a governance token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) blockchain network, created to build the DeFi ecosystem and deliver rights to all LDX holders to also manage the platform through a voting mechanism.‌

The goal of this project is to merge DeFi, Metaverse and the growing NFT into one feature-rich ecosystem.

This will make it possible to access the core functions of DeFi without leaving the Metaverse.

At the heart of this ecosystem is Litedex (LDX), a governance token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Litedex uses smart contracts to ensure the highest standards of DeFi technology are met, and is fully verified by Certik, the leader in blockchain security.

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