Hoard, here are the features of this stablecoin

Hoard, here are the features of this stablecoin. Here are some good reasons to evaluate if this stable corner could be interesting for you.

Hoard is an ecosystem centered around the $USDH stablecoin and the utility/governance $HRD token – bringing stability and real yield to DeFi, once and for all.

Hoard, characteristics of the tokens linked to this ecosystem:

$USDH is a fully decentralized stablecoin backed 1:1 by a basket of algorithmic stablecoins ($MIM, $sUSD, $LUSD, $FEI, $USDD, and more to come). $USDH stakers earn the majority of yield generated from Hoard’s collateral yield strategies.

$HRD, the native token of Hoard, serves several purposes within the protocol:

It can be staked for industry-leading yield from $USDH’s low-risk collateral strategies.

Stakers also earn time-decaying protocol emissions.
It can be vote-locked for veHRD to participate in governance decisions and earn exclusive dividends.

This should not be ignored:

You hear a lot in the news about decentralized finance from stablecoins. This is justified by the fact that they are very important to this ecosystem.

But not all stablecoins are equal, you need to be well informed about each of them before investing.

Hoard is an ecosystem centered around transparency, stability, true decentralization, and sustained yield generation.

It’s time to prove to the world of DeFi that bowing down to centralized overlords and using them as your collateral isn’t the only way to succeed – we WILL have decentralized money, and the mission starts here.

Algorithmic stables are risky and many collapse. Centralized stables are liquid but their issuers can blacklist wallets.

Neither USDH nor its collateral can blacklist wallets. Furthermore, USDH offers robust and permanent liquidity incentives.

USDH’s supported collateral types and collateralization ratio are dynamically adjusted over time by HRD holders.

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The Hoard solution:

Hoard’s $USDH is the only solution to the above trilemma of stable currencies.

  • Stability through a diversified basket of algorithmic stablecoins.
  • Decentralization through the careful selection of algostables to use as collateral.
  • Scalability through the protocol’s 1:1 backing and yield-bearing strategies to drive continuous protocol growth.

$USDH is the only stablecoin positioned to lead DeFi into the next cycle. Decentralized finance needs a decentralized stablecoin, and that’s exactly what Hoard offers in $USDH.


Mint and redeem USDH at any time with no fees, limits, or lockup periods.

Redeem USDH for the largest stablecoin backing in the basket.

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