Green Moon (GRM) token, what is it for?

Green Moon (GRM) token, what is it for? Learn about the benefits of a token with a decreasing total number and the advantages that this represents for you.

Green Moon

Green Moon meets the demand for stable price increases when the chart fluctuates. Because Green Moon initially added a token hourly deflation mechanism to the code design, allowing you to obtain stable income while owning Green Moon! Your investment will be protected by the everincreasing liquidity pool, thereby consolidating the bottom line of the Green Moon token price!

Discover the advantages of a token that will naturally increase in value over time thanks to an encoded mathematical formula, discover its effects and the obvious advantages it represents for investors.

If you follow the news of decentralized finance, you will notice that this kind of token is rather rare and yet, the concept is very efficient.

Green Moon, its specificity:

The rebalancing of the currency itself is considered symbolic because it will have no effect on the exchange rate of the currency against other currencies. However, it can imply that the period of hyperinflation is over, and remove the reminder of the extent of the impact of inflation on them, thus having a psychological impact on the population. Reducing the number of zeros also improves the image of the currency. On the other hand, GREEN MOON uses rebases not to influence geopolitics, but to float prices at a minimum rateofg = 12.5% every eight hours without gravity.

The mechanism of GREEN MOON is unique, and no other tokens on the market operate with exactly the same protocol.

The contract mathematically guarantees that the minimum price wil l remain constant over time before reaching the upper limit. After the first supply adjustment is invoked, this process will be fully automated.

All initial liquidity will be locked until the upper limit is reached. GREEN MOON is linked to the initial targ et price of $0.0000000001, and the hourly price automatically rises.

When the current transaction price is lower than the linked price, the circulating supply is contracted. The rebase mechanism can be called every hour to achieve more continuous price i ncreases. After 104 days, the price of the token reached the highest price of USD 21,000,000 per token, and then maintained a close and stable peg to this value.

GREEN MOON is a token created for all users on the Binance Smart Chain, because we have implanted a mathematical computer system in this token and used it to destroy a part of the tokens, so that the tokens will increase rapidly until each token The value of the coin reaches $21,000,000

In conclusion:

One of the secrets that allows this token to continue to rise is redemption, which can cause the price of the tokens to continue to rise, and this function plays a major role in the whole mechanism!

4.17% of 12.5% of each transaction will be used for buyback, and of course these tokens will not be hold in liquidity, but will be disposed of directly!

This is also one of the keys to GREEN MOON ability to constantly increase prices, so that holders are protected from the vacuum of the market!

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