FXDX introduction


FXDX introduction. Here are the objectives and features of this new ecosystem, and direct access to its official website.

FXDX – Pick your choice: Legendary Trading Terminal or Epic Liquidity Management, FXDX offers both with best-in-class experience.

If you follow DeFi news, then you know that trading is increasingly present in this sector, and here’s another example.

FXDX overview:

FXDX is a decentralized exchange that offers a powerful trading experience on perpetual futures and swaps with zero price impact, zero spread, and zero trading fees. Users can also become liquidity providers to earn platform rewards and trader P&L. FXDX allows any user to be on either side as a trader or LP, or both sides of the trades for efficient risk management.

This ecosytem allows its users to be on either or both sides of the trades. For novice to experienced traders, FXDX offer best-in-class trading experience with zero price impact, zero trading fees and zero spreads.

For LPs, this platform offer robust oracle pricing with powerful battle-tested outlier detections, real-yield distribution, stable rewards, ability to supply and remove liquidity on single-side while cashing out rewards in any asset in the pool.

FXDX offers:

  • Fully decentralized and permissionless
  • Non-custodial execution
  • 0 Trading Fees
  • Low Funding Fees
  • Socialized Profit Model
  • Robust Oracle Pricing
  • Superior Trade Management
  • Advanced LP Management

This ecosystem enables decentralized trading. A zero-transaction-fee model has been implemented, in which no opening or closing fees are charged for any position, regardless of size.

Socialized Profit Model

FXDX will only charge a small commission out of the absolute profit from traders in profit along with a small increase in funding fees to redistribute it along the rest of the traders in profit while the remainder would be shared with the Liquidity Provider. This ensure LPs are compensated fairly and reduce their counterparty risk.

Robust Oracle with Blackbox Pricing

Improved and secured with an advanced detection algorithm, FXDX on-chain oracle ensures transparent and fair pricing while detecting and discarding outlier prices (scam wicks and manipulated pricing). A black box function ensures that the pricing is not prone to manipulation even by our team after deployment.

Zero-Spread & Zero-Impact Execution

Thanks to our robust and fair oracle and passive LP structure, this platform offers traders to trade with zero spread and zero pricing impact, allowing the same benefits to all traders irrespective of trade size.

Multi-Collateral Option

Traders can supply any asset from assets under composition as collateral to open their positions as well as can redeem their collateral and profits in any asset under composition.


FXDX is the platform’s utility and governance asset, holding the asset unlocks a variety of benefits.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

This is an OFT v1 token issued on Ethereum Mainnet and then bridged to Base Mainnet.

Direct access to the official website

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