Future of the metaverse, what should we expect?

Future of the metaverse, what should we expect? What will be its development in the months and years to come and for what impact?

Future of the metaverse

Future of the metaverse, how will the metaverse market develop from 2022 to 2027?

According to the estimates of the analysts of Grand View Research, the annual growth rate of this ecosystem should be + 39%.

This means that within a few years, its global market should grow to over 600 billion

To get a better idea of its development, in 2021, its market represented about 34 billion euros.

Future of the metaverse, what will be the vectors of its development?

There are many important and primordial factors that will drive its ecosystem in the future, such as: the adoption of virtual and augmented reality, the ever-increasing capacity to cross virtual and real worlds, the great ease and quality of entertainment, etc.

This means that the development of new technologies and the evolution of uses will allow the metaverse to occupy an increasingly central place in our lives within a few years.

Moreover, the researchers who worked on this research are convinced that the metaverse market will reveal its full potential in the coming years.

We can see that even if this concept, whose definition is still very vague, is already attracting many users and several brands.

Why is it not overly optimistic to think that the metaverse will have an important place in our lives in the near future?

Simply because the most promising prospects of the metaverse are based on the fact that it significantly increases market access for consumers in emerging economies, but not only. Indeed, in case of pandemics, social unrest or simply the distance to go to a shopping mall, everything argues in favor of being able to shop and be entertained in the metaverse.

The numbers speak for themselves, an example with The Sandbox:

The Sandbox metaverse is already one of the top 3 most popular virtual worlds worldwide. Brands are increasingly interested in this platform to create new experiences with their customers. Number of users: 2 million

The great precursor is the Internet. The Internet has already opened up access to goods and services previously unavailable to some consumers, the metaverse could take this even further.

It is also important to note that “virtual reality environments will help improve educational options as a low-cost and effective way to learn.”

In conclusion, it can be said that the metaverse model most certainly has a bright future ahead of it as it will solve real life problems for millions and millions of people.

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