Farming Paradise, a project to discover

Farming Paradise, a project to discover. Are you ready to earn passive income by playing games? Discover the particularities of this ecosystem.

Farming Paradise

Farming Paradise ecosystem is designed for the users to get passive income. Users will get passive income by processing the land they bought. All payments in the game wiil be with farming paradise.

Here is a farming game. It is a system based on the blockchain network where you can play games, have fun and make money at the same time. The system gives you various development and advancement options in the field of farming, and you can choose the one you like and start building fields according to your own preferences.

This is an ecosystem that will be of interest to people who follow GameFi news.

Farming Paradise, how is the system working?

In the first step 6 choices is presented to the user in the game. The user will select 1 of these choises and will create his/her metaverse and start production. In this step the user can stock his/her products or sell. After selling the products the user can withdraw his/her Farming Paradise Token to the wallet in 5 minutes or can use it in the game. There will be token circulation in the game continiously and any other token will not be used except Farming Paradise Token.


The user starts to do livestock activities by obtaining one of the livestock breeding areas offered in the game and sells the products obtained, the products obtained by the player is used in dairy.


The user can plant alfalfa and wheat by obtaining one of the agricultural areas offered and continue the production by selling the products obtained. The alfalfa obtained by the player is used in the livestock fields, and the wheat is used by the mill.

Mill plant

The user starts to produce by obtaining one of the mill facilities presented in the game and sells the product obtained. What the mill plant system does is to transform the wheat it received into raw material.

Sack and glass production facility

The user starts to produce by obtaining one of the sack and glass bottle facility areas offered in the game. The products produced by this facility will be required for the players to stock up.

Dairy farming

The user starts production by obtaining one of the dairy areas offered in the game, and the products produced in the dairy area becomes raw material.

Stone mine

The user produces mines he obtained from the stone mine fields offered in the game and sells the products, the stone mine productions produced by the player is converted into raw material for the game.

In conclusion

The Farming Paradise game universe is scheduled to start 6 months after the token release date. In this universe, before the User buys the parcel.

Before the user buys the plot, the game asks the user to choose one of the 6 options offered and the user can see the areas that correspond to the system they have chosen.

Income from property sales

-Stock exchange listings
-Game development
-Charity event for stray animals to use as

Only Farming Paradise Token is used in the game and when buying land.

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