Dulcet Garden, discover its token and its ecosystem

Dulcet Garden, here is technique can produce 120 times more food than traditional agriculture. Discover the concept and our token.

Dulcet Garden

Dulcet Garden is a company that uses containers to grow fruits and vegetables.

In this controlled environment, we are able to reproduce the perfect weather conditions to grow healthy fruits and vegetables all year round, without pesticides.

In this way, we are able to produce 120 times more than open-field agriculture.

We want to become a major player in the agricultural field with its own ecosystem. This is why we created the DULCET token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Among the subjects treated in the news of decentralized finance, some are particularly interesting because they contribute not only to earn money but also to increase the quality of life on earth, and this project is one of them.

Dulcet Garden, for a new method of farming:

When many people think about farms, what comes to mind at first is usually this picture of a massive, spacious field enveloped by a big blue sky with multiple rows of wheat or corn. Not many people think about buildings, while not enough people even picture shipping containers.

Nevertheless, as the global population grows, and as the general behavior of man keeps on stretching the limits of our planet and climate, the human species have to utilize innovation to evolve the way it grows its food.

Besides the fact that we are currently facing shortages of farmlands, it seems that the nutrients in our soils are also drying up.

Because of this, we have to depend on fossil fuels and chemicals to ensure that we cultivate the food needed for our survival.

Growing food this way comes with many negative effects. One of the best innovative solutions for the problem is executing the cultivation process by removing nature from the equation as much as possible. This means that we have to think about in-house farming. While this may seem like we are trying to grow against regular practices, it is entirely possible. By in-house farming, we are introducing a whole different way of farming using shipping containers.

Farms in shipping containers are categorized under a much wider category of farming known as Controlled environment
agriculture (CEA). According to the name of the farming method, it is a form of agriculture that looks to cultivate food completely devoid of the use of natural elements.

This type of farming involves the creation of an environment that enables the farmer to sufficiently control all the essential conditions needed for growing crops.

This type of farming is markedly different from the conventional farming method. The conventional farming method typically limits what the farmer can control.

Dulcet Garden

This means that they only get to control the type of crop they plant, the time to plant the crops, the chemicals used to cultivate the crops, and to a lesser degree, the amount of water needed. This farming method comes with certain risks because your crops’ performance in various seasons can not be predicted or anticipated.

You always feel vulnerable to various unexpected events like insect infestations, diseases, hurricanes, tornadoes, farm
invasion by humans/animals, massive flooding, and so on.

Many of these unexpected events can damage farm crops and make the farmer bankrupt eventually.

CEA as a new farming method has been introduced to prevent unexpected events from ruining farmlands. The process gives a farmer complete control over the full growing process of their farms. Beginning with the nutrient composition of the soil through to the amount of water and light gave to the plant.

Dulcet token


The transaction fee is 13%. This fee rewards holders and helps us expand worldwide.

Dulcet Garden, in brief:

For Dulcet Gardens, we are not only looking at taking over current cultivation methods by using a controlled environment.

We aim to build them to innovate with the creation of new methods for improving the world. In this case, the budget can be divided among the following points:

  • Research and development
  • The installation of the containers
  • Different trades needed for the sustainability and
    maintenance of containers
  • Marketing activities
  • Miscellaneous expenses

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