Cosmic music project, what is it?

Cosmic music project, what is it? Music NFT Minting Center, discover all the specificities of the platform.

Cosmic music

Cosmic music, this is the platform where musicians can monetize their music and sell them as a limited edition of NFT. Cosmic also offers users a simple way to search for, buy and to buy and communicate with creators. with the creators.

Cosmic Music is made for musicians, singers, artists working in the music world, here is why?

As an artist, you will be able to easily upload your music and your music and market it as an NFT. Artists
Artists will also receive royalties on each subsequent sale.

The platform will be intuitive and developed with ease of use.

Cosmic services:

Music Management

Create a profile, upload + mint your music, and grow your network.

Low Cost Minting

A decentralized platform for musicians to mint and sell their music without a large fee taken out.

Featured Projects

The platform has been optimized to feature new and popular NFT artists

Cosmic Music, Marketing Plan

Platform Marketing

Targeting musicians of the platform and NFT collectors will be the focus of the platform marketing strategy.

Brand Establishment

Cosmic Music goal is to establish the brand identity for a place to mint and sell your music NFT’s. Working toward the brand of the token side will always be a focus.

NFT Music Center

Cosmic makes it easy to browse and buy music NFT’s. Simply select the track or album and preview
the music before purchase. will be a great channel to find new talent. Established artist’s
can take advantage of this new channel/revenue stream to launch their music. Not forgetting the listeners, who will be able to discover great new artists and sounds.

Cosmique Musique, three advantages to remember:

1. Ease of use

Browse to discover new music or create your own songs and albums as an NFT.

2. Transfer securely

Connect your wallet and know that your music NFTs are secure. Buy and play your music directly from the Cosmic page.

3. Artist Launch Bar

We created our platform to showcase new and popular music as well as sponsored musicians and projects.

Direct access to the platform

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