BSocial for social marketing, what is it?

BSocial for social marketing, what is it? Creating economic freedom, the first #SocialFi platform. Full information below.


Bsocial is a social network specialized for Cryptocurrency and MMO (making money online) communities. In addition to fully meeting the required functions of a social network, The goal is also to allow everyone to maximize the revenue generated by content creation and peer-to-peer interactions..

It is about setting up a collective platform for MMO enthusiasts, including in the field of cryptocurrency. The social network will facilitate friend-making activities, information update and self-exhibition, through which users can earn money by interactions.

The development of Bsocial is fundamentally inspired by the recent GameFi movement within the cryptocurrency market. It shall be known as a new trend under the name SocialFi. Thanks to the integration of Non-fungible Token (NFT) and cryptocurrency into social networks, users can now get familiar with the concept of Social-to-earn. Moreover, while GameFi provides players with entertainment value besides earning capability, SocialFi brings social interactions and values of content, knowledge and information in the same principle.

BSocial, SocialFi, some points to remember:

1. Rewards for achieving daily engagement goals

2, Rank rewards based on number of followers

3. Monthly revenue share based on rank Account

4. Account (NFT) and Marketplace

BSocial Token (symbol: BINS)

BINS is the representing cryptocurrency for, which implies the direct relationship between BINS and the total business value of the social network ecosystem of BSocial. BINS is set on Binance Smart Chain, bringing users convenient trading and other benefits such as fast transaction speed and high-degree decentralization.

BINS token will be utilized for account activation payment at At the same time, the revenue from account activation will be redistributed to top platform contributors.



Token Name: BSocial

Symbol: BINS

Decimals: 18

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Contract: 0x822dc83fa4dc997fff24d0bc0a66fcb2954a6156

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