Theos and NFTs, what is the relationship?

Theos and NFTs, what is the relationship? Welcome to the instant liquidity protocol for non-fungible tokens. It’s a DeFi Paradise for NFTs.


Theos, the Hyper Economy Operating System,

Here is an ecosystem design that is set to accommodate the demands of the emerging hyper-economy.

While not a vigorously defined academic term, hyper-economy is an ecosystem that is much closer to the Arrow-Debreu complete markets setup, an ecosystem that builds upon the assumption of availability of global instant liquidity for any asset as well as transparent and complete information sets available to every market agent.

From an economic viewpoint, NFTs are the integral building blocks upon which the world’s new and inclusive financial operating system will be built.

We envisage a world where an NFT is just as likely to serve as a mortgage contract for a previously unbanked family in South America, as it is to represent a digital art work auctioned at Christie’s. We build an NFT marketplace that is capable of automated dynamic pricing of any non-fungible asset, ranging in variety from a mortgage or an insurance contract, all the way to a new Guns’n’Roses single.

To wrap the message up more concisely, THEOS is built around the concept of instant liquidity for any NFT with built-in economic incentives to stimulate efficient price discovery. But it is also much more than that. Let us show you how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

What’s Theos?


THEOS is the hyper-chain ultimate liquidity sourcing environment amalgamating the paradigms of fungible and non-fungible tokens, elevating every NFT defining characteristic (uniqueness, rarity, authenticity, indivisibility, ownership and verifiability) within a DeFi carbon-neutral platform.

Here is a decentralized financial ecosystem based on creators.

The advent of NFTs and the subsequent exponential growth of the NFT total value locked (TVL) has left many wondering as to both, the merits of this phenomenon, and its long term sustainability.

How can 64 pixel pictures of artistic value generate millions in consistent dollar volume across the decentralized NFT trading platforms? But NFTs transcend the boundaries of traditional finance, to represent much more than simple value transfer.

Every time you use THEOS you will be at the same time:

– Donating resources for scientific research and developement
– Contribute with NGOs and non-profit organizations
– Feed the community token machinery

The THEOS platform and project aims to be carbon neutral.

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